Bitcoin Exchange Bitcurex Offers No Fee Services for Greeks

By July 6, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Exchange Bitcurex Offers No Fee Services for Greeks

As financial crisis is hitting Greece, Bitcoin exchange, Bitcurex is offering no fees services for Greeks. Whereas a lot of other companies are trying to exploit the financial crisis in Greece, Bitcurex is looking at the Greece financial situation as an opportunity rather than a problem to not just help the locals but also gain popularity.

The free service is an attempt by the company and part of the promotional campaign geared towards those citizens who are interested in Bitcoin. The company says that the “No Fees Greece” could not have come at a better time than this. Also, it aims to allow Greek citizens to purchase and sell Bitcoin on Bitcurex arena at zero percent fees for a period of three months.

Established in 2012, as a Polish Bitcoin exchange, Bitcurex might not be popular in the Bitcoin media forums but is among the most famous European Bitcoin exchanges. People who have been observing the Bitcoin space know that as they push for Greece to adopt Bitcoin, they also want to create a niche in the European Bitcoin world.

Additionally, as their effort to help the economically ailing Greece is enough to lure customers from other parts of the European Union, into their platform, other Bitcoin companies may also like to move into Greece. If competition starts, the users in Greece will be able to have easy and cheap access to Bitcoin and address the financial issues well.

Nonetheless, as the economic situation in Greece keeps on trending downwards, it has led to some level of excitement in the Bitcoin world; in such a situation any relief will be welcomed. Bitcoin seems to be emerging as a popular choice among people; in fact, there have been claims that the price increased due to increase in demand for Bitcoin among Greeks.

The Company will Get Foothold in Greece by Generating Goodwill

Some financial experts believe that since the economy of Greece is on the verge of collapsing, its people are doing all they can to dispose of their liquid cash and for them Bitcoin is a reliable solution. Most banks in the country are not yielding to the citizens demands; however, Bitcoin companies are still serving them.

Moreover, as Bitcoin is a renowned money exchange platform, which may be the only relief for the citizens and the government at large, the demand for Bitcoin will go up in the coming times, Bitcurex seems to have prejudged it and launched the free services. This way it will not just gain new customers but also emerge as a popular choice.

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The free service is an attempt by the company and part of the promotional campaign geared towards those citizens […]

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