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By July 7, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin has been making great inroads to all sectors and segments, even some hotel booking services providers accept the digital currency; however, this is probably for the first time that some company is offering free Bitcoin for each booking. Now, customers can get acquainted with Bitcoin when making reservation with

Nonetheless, the new online travel agency startup is offering up to 5 percent cash back of this new currency type for each booking. Regarding the number of Bitcoin that customers will get the official website informs that users will get the Bitcoin depending on the value of their reservation.

Thus, the higher the cost of the booking, the more free Bitcoin customers will get. The precise number of Bitcoins that users can receive is provided next to each room in the search results. The company features more than 130,000 total accommodations in 20,426 cities across 198 countries, is taking advantage of the craze over the peer-to-peer payment system.

The company informs that customers can book any of the hotels by calling it directly and to book with it, the contact information is available in the hotel search results pages. Additionally, it says that it will provide the hotel phone number in customer’s itinerary after he or she has completed the booking.

Elaborating the process of hotel booking the company says:

When you call us, we can provide information and advice on where to stay, make a hotel reservation, change or cancel your reservation, or get information about an existing reservation.

Registration Not Required informs that though registration is not required to use the service, users must register to receive Bitcoins. Bitcoin cash back is sent within seven days of guest checkout from the booked hotel and the amount of Bitcoin cash back that a client will receive depends on the reservation value and Bitcoin exchange rate on the day of booking.

Though Bitcoin is fairly controversial due to its disruptive nature and security concerns, has entered the mainstream as of late, with Bitcoin ATMs even popping up throughout the world, from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv to Rome.

Nonetheless, as booking a room through is fairly straightforward and simple, using the traditional format most OTAs feature; customers are expected to prefer it. Once the customer has completed the reservation, a confirmation email is sent to him.

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Nonetheless, the new online travel agency startup is offering up to 5 percent cash back of this new currency type for each booking. […]

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