The Digital Currency Summit Attends The Blockchain Week

By July 11, 2015Bitcoin Business
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blockchain week digital-currency
blockchain week digital-currency

The Digital Currency Summit (DCS) is a debate forum whose objectives are to understand what digital currency means and its implications for banks, governments and investors. DCS commits to organizing events to promote awareness and understanding about the technology. This year the Digital Currency Summit is taking part in a new event – The Blockchain week.

The aim of the Summit is to attract bankers, lawyers and politicians from all around the world to debate about important digital currency-related topics such as:

  • How does Bitcoin work?
  • Financial system integration
  • Identity, Privacy, Security & AML
  • New opportunities for investors
  • Financial Instruments with Bitcoin
  • Legal Framework

The next event in which the Digital Currency Summit organization will participate is going to be the Blockchain week: the Blockchain Week will take place in Barcelona from the 5th to the 8th of October this year, where Blockchain experts from all over the world will meet up on the 2nd week of October to explore the its potential for IoT, smart cities, eCommerce, Retail, Trading, Security, Compliance, Mobile Apps and many more.

The general focus of the Blockchain Week will be based on regulation, financial strategy, and investment opportunities. Anyone can attend the event and no previous experience is required, however the event is especially dedicated and intended to attract a specific audience:

  • Banks & Fintech
  • CEOs
  • Financial Directors
  • Innovation Advisors
  • IT leaders
  • Regulators & Politicians
  • Lawyers
  • Politic, Economic and Financial thought leaders
  • Investors & Startups
  • Business Angels
  • Venture Capital
  • Exchanges & Gateways
  • Ecommerce & Retail
  • CEOs and CFOs
  • New Business
  • Payment Platforms

There will be a VIP pre-event exclusive meeting for the participant Speakers, Partners, and Sponsors.

To make sure that participants can focus on the most relevant talks and connections, the Blockchain Week was divided into a number of independent, sector-focused mini conferences. You can attend one or several depending on your interests.

Blockchain technology is disrupting not only the world of finance but also a number of online and offline sectors. It’s becoming crucial for investors, entrepreneurs and companies outside the digital currency realm, to recognize and understand the advantages of the Blockchain technology and what it can do for their businesses.

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The aim of the Summit is to attract bankers, lawyers and politicians from all around […]

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