Jason King, Known for Sean’s Outpost to Start Unsung

By August 16, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Jason King, Known for Sean's Outpost to Start Unsung. Newsbtc Bitcoin charity news.
While speaking at the Coin Congress 2015, Jason King introduced his new initiative called Unsung to reduce hunger in the United States.

Bitcoin is being increasingly associated with cybercrime, remittance and trading. While most people talk about bitcoin, the harbinger of change to the world by providing alternative financial services to billions of unbanked or underbanked population, another important use case of bitcoin — its use for humanitarian and charitable causes is gradually taking a back seat.

Bitcoin community’s involvement in social causes and bitcoin donation campaigns enter the mainstream media only during the times of intense crises. The recent earthquake affecting Nepal is one such example. Once the disaster seems to pass, even the number of bitcoin based donations plummet. There are a handful of organizations, known among the bitcoin communities that work year round with bitcoin. One such organization is Sean’s Outpost.

Unlike other organizations, Sean’s Outpost is the only organization that depends primarily on cryptocurrency for funding. If someone visits the Sean’s Outpost website, they won’t find PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or any of the conventional payment options. Instead they will come across wallet addresses for bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin and CLAM.

Sean’s Outpost was started in Pensacola, Florida by Jason King. The organization focuses on alleviating the living conditions of the homeless. He created a homeless sanctuary in over 9 acres of wooded land with the help of donations from various quarters. Unfortunately it ran into trouble due to the camping ban ordinance passed by Pensacola city. However, it led to Jason King creating Satoshi’s Forest with trailers as homes. Satoshi’s Forest also started selling trailers at twice the price, such that for every trailer bought one can be provided as a shelter to the homeless.

Now, Jason King has set out on another initiative called Unsung. Unsung is a collective effort to create a sharing economy across the country so that hunger can be alleviated in the United States. Being an active member of bitcoin and Reddit communities, he has been promoting his initiatives among the members. His latest initiative is called Unsung, where he wants people to get together and share their excess food so that it can be used to feed the homeless. Unsung is now being compared to Uber and Airbnb. While Uber allows car sharing and Airbnb is for sharing space at home, Unsung can be used to share excess food.

Unsung is still not live yet. We can expect the application to go live sometime by the end of this year.

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