Are Universities Likely to Offer Bitcoin Degrees in the Future?

By August 29, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Iowa State University Alumni Hall
Iowa State University Alumni Hall

Bitcoin first entered the American university system in 2014 when New York University and Duke University announced that they would be offering inaugural courses on digital currency. The blockchain has since spread itself into the halls of Princeton, Stanford, MIT, and even Mt. Hood Community College in Portland, Oregon. Large and small, bitcoin is secretly slipping through cracks and entering the education system on multiple levels, solidifying its presence and reputation.

Like most innovative ventures, bitcoin has often had to deal with doubters who dismiss it as a phase that civilization will eventually pull away from… People will become bored with it, and it will likely disappear overnight… Well despite many ups and downs, bitcoin has managed to stay strong, and it’s constantly reminding us not only that it’s here, but that it’s here to stay.

Social media faced similar attitudes during its heavy rise to fame. It was thought that people would grow out of it, but now businesses rely heavily on their Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms to earn new clients and get the job done, and several colleges now offer degrees in social media. Forget about law school. You can go to Harvard and learn how to tweet.

This raises an interesting question. While bitcoin is not necessarily at the level of social media just yet, it’s certainly heading there. San Francisco-based Blockstack currently works with businesses wishing to integrate the blockchain into their systems. The digital currency course offered at Duke focused primarily on businesses oriented around bitcoin technology. As time goes by, we are witnessing a growing number of businesses wishing to use bitcoin to their advantage.

So in the tradition of social media, will the next step be taken? Will digital currency solidify its place in western education? Are we likely to see a bitcoin or cryptocurrency-related degree being offered in the future?

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