Bitwala Can Help You Pay Your Bills While Away from Home

By September 6, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Bitwala a bitcoin service to Take Care of Your Bills While Away from Home.
Bitwala a bitcoin service to Take Care of Your Bills While Away from Home.

Bitcoin knows no borders; transactions between geographical borders is the same as making a bitcoin transfer to someone sitting right next to you. There will be no difference in transaction fee or time required for execution of the transaction. This quality of bitcoin is a boon for people who regularly make overseas transfers, especially people employed in different countries who transfer funds back home on a regular basis or those who keep travelling on work and have to take care of their utility bills etc. back home while on a trip.

Bitwala, a bitcoin startup is leveraging upon this quality of bitcoin to make remittance and bill payments easier from across the world. is a 6-month-old Dutch startup offering bitcoin payment services. The company has recently introduced a new payment system called EmailPay where users no longer have to use a long string of characters to make bitcoin transfers. EmailPay allows registered users on the platform to make bitcoin transactions using email ids instead of wallet address.

Bitwala has been gradually expanding its reach across Europe and the company currently has users from over 19 Eurozone countries and beyond. The QuickPay service offered by Bitwala makes paying rent and utility bills with bitcoin easier. Anyone from anywhere across the world can pay rents, utility bills, insurance premium, credit card bills etc. in the following Eurozone nations – 1. Austria, 2. Belgium, 3. Cyprus, 4. Estonia, 5. Finland, 6.France, 7. Germany, 8. Greece, 9. Ireland, 10. Italy, 11. Latvia, 12. Lithuania, 13. Luxembourg, 14. Malta, 15. Netherlands, 16. Portugal, 17. Slovakia, 18. Slovenia and 19. Spain.

A three-member team comprising of Jorg von Minckwitz, Jan Goslicki and Ben Jones have been instrumental in getting Bitwala up and running. The brand has now grown beyond Europe as the company has lately been receiving remittance requests from North Africa, India and other countries.

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