Bitcoin trading among fields covered by start-ups selected by Fusion

By September 7, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Fusion has announced its selection of the first ten FinTech startups.

This is Fusion’s first FinTech accelerator program in Geneva, Switzerland, and the program has seen the participation of several start-ups coming from seven different countries.

The project claims that it aspires to bring together a large group of stakeholders.

For now, the project covers the following sectors:

  1. Payment
  2. Big Data / Information
  3. Crowd-Funding / Lending
  4. Trading
  5. (Digital) Banking
  6. Personal Finance Management
  7. Bitcoin / Blockchain
  8. Wealth Management

Created by Polytech Ventures, Fusion was launched in the month of February this year. Polytech itself is an early-stage venture capital firm based out of the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne in Switzerland.

The response that the program has got in its initial stages has pleased the company with Guillaume Dubray, partner at Polytech Ventures, saying that:

We are delighted with the positive response we have seen to Fusion.”

Dubray further stated that the people at the company had initially felt that since it was the initial year hence, the number of applications would be low.

However, they were soon proved wrong as not only did the level of interest overwhelmed the company, but such was the response that it became ‘exciting’ even for the judges to select the 10 really worthy start-ups from all over the world.

Dubray also said that the idea behind selection was to choose and underline those start-ups that work around the areas where “Switzerland is a world leader such as asset management, data privacy, and risk management.”

It is indeed great news for the Bitcoin community that this digital currency has been making waves of late.

We had earlier reported that the Hong Kong-based Bitcoin remittence platform BitSpark was selected for the Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific 2015. The icing on the cake was that the 12-week program that Accenture sponsored was offered to BitSpark as it was adjudged to be the most propitious early-stage FinTech company.

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The project claims that it aspires to bring together a large group of stakeholders.

For now, the project covers the following sectors: > Payment Big Data / Information Crowd-Funding / Lending Trading (Digital) Banking Personal Finance Management Bitcoin / Blockchain […]

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