Digital Currency Related Courses are Going Mainstream

By September 21, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Simon Fraser University Campus Stk
Simon Fraser University Campus Stk

Bitcoin and digital currencies are going mainstream. The US already considers Bitcoin as a commodity; Banks are starting to accept and use cryptocurrencies and the momentum across the globe is bringing a lot of newcomers into the ecosystem. As more and more companies and other organizations start to use the blockchain technology, a demand for experts is increasing and many universities are taking notice and adding bitcoin courses to their syllabuses in order to keep up with the quickly changing fintech landscape.

Real-world skills have long been an emphasis at top schools around the world, and now those skills include an in depth study on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Universities that offer bitcoin studies are creating a major stepping stone for the cryptocurrency as it expands further. Not only do the classes give the best and brightest tools to solve real-world problems related to digital currencies, but they draw awareness to cryptocurrencies as well.

American Universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Duke University only recently launched bitcoin classes, but others around the world have been offering such courses for years. The MIT and the Canadian McGill University have organized several bitcoin giveaways to students in an effort to increase the bitcoin awareness within the colleges. Others colleges have been researching on the Bitcoin technology and the expanding application.

Universities are already including digital currency courses in their syllabus. The University of Cumbria was the first U.K. University to offer bitcoin courses and the University of Nicosia in Cyprus was one of the first to offer a free bitcoin course in 2013. Many Universities are now starting to accept the cryptocurrency as payment for their studies as well. Back in 2013, the University of Nicosia in Cyprus was the first college to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Currently, with bitcoin gaining an increased traction at Colleges around the world, many have also introduced bitcoin as a payment method.


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