BetChain Casino Ensures Fair Gaming Practices

By October 25, 2015Bitcoin Business
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BetChain Casino Review
BetChain Casino Review

Back in 2008, a joint report of CBS’s Steve Croft and the Washington Post’s Pulitzer-winning journalist Gil Gaul revealed how online casino websites Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker were running a cheating scandal. The scam shadily favored immature gambling moves in racking up big wins at the online casinos, thereby causing the loss of hundred and thousands of dollars to the honest players.

The fact that most of the online casinos today are currently involved in such practices hasn’t escaped the notice of players, as they now prefer to be more alert and informed before joining betting websites. Companies backing these online casinos are also working on unified standards to rule out the possibilities of cheating on both ends.

BetChain Casino is among such online casino companies that has successfully incorporated an effective anti-cheating protocol — known as Provably Fair Gaming — on its web platform. While the concept has been around here for a long time, only few online casino websites care to implement it. Many experts see provably fair algorithm as a great tool to prove casino’s honesty towards its players.

BetChain uses a special Bitcoin-based cryptographic function to prove that all the function and bets performed on its platform are calculated properly and fairly. The online casino claims that it is impossible for a payer to cheat on their platform, a thing which cannot be claimed even by traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

“Not all Bitcoin Casinos have Provably Fair gaming,” BetChain added. “BetChain is proud to feature this technology so that our players can rest assured that all plays are trustworthy and fair. Our top priority is honesty and the satisfaction of our clientele.”

Of hundreds of online games available at BetChain, many crucial ones are equipped with Provable Fair Gaming algorithm, including Roulette, Card Games, Fair Slots, and others. Users can check the status of provability by simply clicking on the purple tab on the right side of the screen of a game.

To know more about BetChain’s anti-cheating features, visit here.

The fact that most of the online casinos today […]

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