Costas Inc. is making Big Investments in Distributed Asset Technology

By October 27, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Costas Inc. is a publicly traded company focused on providing access to a global infrastructure of financial and legal professionals and investment groups. Costas Inc. (OTC PINK: CSSI) Costas Inc. (CSSI) or “Costas” has focused and heavily invested in Distributed Asset Technology and Digital currency technology over the past year.

The early development stage company sees the foundations of finance starting to become disrupted. By investing in early stage Digital Currency projects, the company helps the growth of Distributed Asset Technology and its integration into Financial Technologies (FINTech).

While the world economy has been evolving from precious metals to paper currency as the only accepted form of payment, digital currency has started to be integrated into the fabric of our global economy. Costas sees a big opportunity in this new technology and doesn’t want to miss the train.

2015 has been a great year for digital currency as huge investments flooded into the industry and Costas has identified “Fintech” emerging companies which the distributed and financial technology solutions company intends to help become the next standard in future banking and financial applications.

Costas Inc. believes that the Bitcoin network has fascinating properties which can accelerate the speed at which a store of value can move globally making decentralized currency now a viable option for consumers around the world.

The Company already identified a few opportunities in the realm of this new technology and decided to make them available to investors. Costas intends to create a portfolio of diverse businesses in the industry under its domain and offer unique investment opportunities in the Distributed Asset Technology space.

Costas Inc. has the ability to raise capital focusing on funding, incubating and growing potential digital currency ventures. The company strategy will be based in the full or significant acquisition of a variety of companies and then facilitate their growth.

For that, the Company acquired Authentatrade


, a digital currency platform that offers free deposit insurance enabling Costas to reach into global markets. With this, Costas is now regionally positioned in the heart of the Digital Currency revolution.

Ten years ago, the internet social media industry was having a massive investment, now Distributed Networks will be the next internet industry having a massive investment and opening new markets. Now, Costas Inc. believes Distributed Asset Technology will bring us the next killer app and a whole new generation of financial solutions.

The early development stage company sees the foundations of finance starting to become disrupted. By investing in early stage Digital Currency projects , the company […]

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