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By November 5, 2015Bitcoin Business
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New York-based Blockchain Technologies Corp (BTC) is in the news with a startling product that it hopes will revolutionize the way the USA votes!

The company is hoping that its product, “Blockchain Apparatus’ Blockchain-secured Voting Machine,” will be able to help stabilize the crumbling existing voting structure with its more secure voting machines.

On its website the company is unambiguous when it states its agenda in the following words:

America’s voting machine technology – or lack thereof – is a looming crisis. Many states use voting machines that are over 10 years old that are not only antiquated and failing, they are also becoming increasingly expensive to maintain as parts are no longer manufactured. Election fraud undermines the very fabric of democracy. Our state of the art blockchain-secured voting system solves this problem.”

Blockchain is the technology behind the virtual currency Bitcoin and it has already found many experts backing it.

The salient features of the machine as per the company are:

  • It is a complete voting system
  • It is focused on security: provides for multiple audit trails, including paper and the blockchain
  • Employs innovative techniques that are not present in any other voting system
  • Customizable ballots provide a familiar interface for voters
  • An easy to use admin interface

A report by gives an insight into the process of voting and also reports that since each and every candidate has a unique address, therefore, the machine knows where to send the votes.

To check the number of votes a candidate has won, one can have a look at the candidate’s address and also use a special tool known as the “blockchain explorer” that reveals all the information about each section.

However, the configuration of the blockchain will be up to the authorities in charge of the election.

From its side, BTC has developed a blockchain named “VoteUnit” that works like the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, VoteUnit does not require any transaction fees which makes it a valuable addition for those parties who would like to use it along with the voting machine.

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On its website the company is unambiguous when it states its agenda in the following words:

“ America’s voting machine technology […]

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