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By November 7, 2015Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin platform Cubits offers ATM cash withdrawals in cooperation with Polskie Przelewy and adds DotPay as a new payment method.

Lately there has been much news around Cubits, a London based platform to buy, sell and accept Bitcoin. Back in August, Cubits launched a Bitcoin ATM solution in cooperation with BTC Greece to help Greeks move their money. The idea to change Bitcoin immediately into cash raised eyebrows and was on everybody’s lips. Recently, Cubits announced the successful implementation of credit cards into their payment interface. Beginning with Visa and MasterCard, the aim is to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone across the world – a leap towards taking Bitcoin mainstream. Today, it is the launch of two new features to enrich the Polish Bitcoin market: an instant cash-out solution on regional ATMs and the implementation of a new payment method to purchase Bitcoin.

Polskie Przelewy – A Cash-out Solution for Bitcoin on Local ATMs

The first announcement in connection with Poland is the provision of ATM cash withdrawals from the Cubits Bitcoin Wallet. The pay-out service will be available on many local ATMs thanks to a partnership with Polskie Przelewy.

Polskie Przelewy is a Polish company founded in 2012, which specializes in the implementation of latest IT solutions for financial operations. Their payment method called “Na Telefon” allows users to withdraw funds directly from over 5000 ATMs erected all across Poland — without the use of traditional credit and debit cards.

When opting for an ATM cash-out, customers will receive a security code on their mobile phone via SMS within ten minutes upon initiating the withdrawal. Comparable to a TAN, this security code can be entered at any compatible ATM, which will dispense the cash immediately.

Oskar Paolini, Head of Risk Management at Cubits, believes that their new service is a great step to lessen the gap between fiat and Bitcoin, and stated.

“The speed and ease of use of this solution coupled with the ubiquity of ATMs could be very attractive for our customers”, he stated. “Cubits hopes to spread the service to more countries.”

After Greece, Poland is the second market for Cubits implementing an ATM solution. Beginning with Bitcoin only ATM’s in Greece, the Polish solution taps directly into the existing ATM infrastructure by offering a unique Bitcoin withdrawal method.

DotPay– The New Payment Method for Polish Users

The second announcement in connection with Cubits’ service for Poland is the successful implementation of DotPay — Poland’s leading payment processing company — as a new method to buy Bitcoin on

Using DotPay is easy and offers instant Bitcoin processing. When a user buys Bitcoin via DotPay, he is redirected to, selects his bank and then enters his login information (account number, PIN) on his bank’s web interface to approve the transfer to his Cubits Bitcoin Wallet. DotPay has no access to customers’ passwords and TANs, which gives a high degree of security and trust. With the decision to accept DotPay, Cubits offers their Polish customers the best Bitcoin buying experience.

In addition to DotPay, Cubits already accepts Visa and MasterCard, alongside OKPay, Sofort, OBT/Skrill, SEPA, SWIFT payments.

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