Benson Samuel from Coinsecure Speaks about the Bitcoin Landscape in India

By January 13, 2016Bitcoin Business

India’s Bitcoin Industry is growing at a full pace. As the second most populated country in the world, India is now one of the biggest cryptocurrency consumer industries around the globe. The country financial landscape is teeming with business opportunities and many entrepreneurs are becoming aware of the incredible potential this new technology has to offer.

With the rising interest in the bitcoin technology , along came a big wave of funding and investment made into the crypto Industry. A lot of startups have been opening its doors and up until now the government and the country banks have had a friendly approach to this recent phenomenon. Coinsecure_jpg Bitcoin startup India Companies like Coinsecure , Zebpay , Unocoin and many others have been trying to raise bitcoin awareness; by focusing on bringing this new technology to schools, colleges and other industries, these companies are aiming to educate and inform people about digital currency across the country.

These bitcoin industry actors are connecting the country to this new technology, and finding new solutions to enable the common masses to come on-board Bitcoin and on spreading further awareness and to reduce barriers that are an impediment for Bitcoin’s progress in India .

In order to learn more about how digital currency is conquering the financial landscape in India and the know some more on the country’s current crypto panorama, NewsBTC had a chat with Benson Samuel, founder and CTO of Coinsecure , one of the oldest and most prominent bitcoin companies in India. Benson_Samuel_Coinsecure_Newsbtc Bitcoin NewsBTC – Coinsecure works pretty much like Coinbase, and is one of the leading exchanges in India. What can you tell us about Coinsecure? Benson – Coinsecure is an algorithmic trading platform, and a Bitcoin Wallet. We have spent a lot of time and emphasis on functionality, ease of […]

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