Money Earning Blockchain-Based Iron Sunflower To Change Future Of MLM Business

By January 16, 2016Bitcoin Business

Last month, while searching the net, CoinTelegraph came across an interesting Blockchain-based invention – the Plantoid . It is a robot which “eats” Bitcoins and hires artists to replicate and evolve, all by itself. The idea seemed quite interesting and unusual, though CT couldn’t figure out any practical purpose for it. That’s why CT decided to look for such cases. For what it’s worth, the technology could be a revolution. Maybe, we just don’t realize it yet.

Plantoid is a steampunk-looking iron sunflower with hooky petals. It was created by Primavera De Filippi , a researcher at the Harvard Berkman Centre and founder of the Okhaos artist collective. The robot has an Ethereum-based smart contract inside which allows it to manage its own Bitcoin wallet and use Bitcoins to hire artists. Technically, it is an independent Blockchain-based entity which works without the help of people. All you need to do is donate Bitcoins – all the rest will be done by Plantoid. A Useless Toy or a Revolution?

When CT first read about Plantoid’s features, it seemed like it could be a nice character for a steampunk-styled novel. Why not, indeed? A “living” mechanical flower that replicates itself using digital money – it could be a good idea for a fiction writer. But what are its actual features, the ones that could be used in real life?

Plantoid’s developer Primavera De Filippi “believes that the Blockchain provides a whole new set of opportunities for artists to experiment with new business models, and the Plantoid is just an example of what she considers to be a new model of funding the production of art — a model that could potentially be applied by analogy to many other sectors of activity that require the creation of resources of public or collective utility”. She […]

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