Sowing Seeds Of Discords Amongst Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts On Reddit. Is It Ethereum?

By January 16, 2016Bitcoin Business

On Monday, 11th January, a Reddit user @itstimebitcoin , posted an article entitled “ The ugly truth: Bitcoin is doomed and needs to be replaced ”. The article that talked about “how bitcoin is doomed and Ethereum will replace it” soon became very controversial and was later removed on Wednesday, 15th January. (A cached copy of the article can be accessed here ). Ethereum PR Stunt?

Many Reddit users complained that they received personal spam messages from multiple newly created Reddit accounts that read “Hello, I saw your post in the bitcoinCT r: 8 reddit, what is your opinion on Reddit post (link) .” So were the author(s) and promoters of this post from EthereumCT r: 20 , or was this the work of a third party that had the aim of sowing discord among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts?

Anthony Di Lorio, chief digital officer (CDO) at TMX Group and former co-founder of Ethereum, when approached about this said: “I wouldn’t think it would be an Ethereum PR move. It is not ethereum style to do something like this”. As per Paul Jones , who is a FinTech researcher and startup investor: “Bitcoin has certainly received a lot more attention from the press than Ethereum—both good and bad, which has certainly raised public awareness of this new innovative technology. Although the title is provocative and the criticism of Bitcoin is overstated, at the very least, this will raise public awareness of Ethereum. No publicity is bad publicity”. Truth in Claim?

Is there actually any truth in the claims made in article, especially that Bitcoin is doomed and will be replaced by Ethereum in the near future?

Paul Jones didn’t think that there is any possibility in the near future for Ethereum to replace Bitcoin. However he does believe that Ethereum has potential. […]

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