Some advice for everybody at this point in time

By January 18, 2016Bitcoin Business

Hi all. I’m taking the liberty to share some hard-won experience at this point in time. Some advice for Core and supporters

It’s easy to feel resentment at this stage, having done so much work and written so much high-quality code, and yet getting a shitstorm for it. When I was leading the Swedish Pirate Party into the European Parliament, I was gradually getting used to getting a barrage of criticism grenades for everything I did and didn’t do every single day, starting with when I did or didn’t get out of bed in the morning.

It’s very hard to explain what this does to your psyche to somebody who hasn’t experienced it. Imagine everybody was out to get you, every single day, and giving you high-pitched screaming blame for everything from an orange being round to some Mongolian guy’s utter misinterpretation of what you said three years ago.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that people could probably snap and go restraining-shirt-insane for much less.

But the crucial thing when you’re in a leadership position like that, getting criticism for absolutely everything, is to maintain your ability to sort the relevant criticism apart from the back seat drivers who make a living out of complaining but not contributing. You’ve also got to trust your inner compass of the vision you want to accomplish.

From what I can tell, Core has made the common but crucial mistake of isolating itself from the community and taking on an expert attitude toward everybody else in trusting this inner vision compass over external criticism, where Core is somehow right by definition – the development happens as Core wants it, period. This is very dangerous in any open-source / free software project. Other people are just as intelligent and may have considerable experience and ability to […]

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