The Block Chain Conference Set to Accelerate Enterprise Adoption of Distributed Ledger Approaches and Technology

By January 19, 2016Bitcoin Business

Doing Business with Block Chains, Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts – for Wall Street, Banking, Supply Chain, Accounting, Legal, Healthcare, Energy

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 19, 2016

With Lighthouse Partners, Inc.’s program anchored by a keynote presentation from IBM, The Block Chain Conference – – is set to play an important role in accelerating the development and deployment of block chain-based approaches by global businesses, and offer a program driven by reality, cutting through the hype and highlighting block chain use cases for several vertical industries, including securities, banking, payments, insurance, legal, accounting/audit, energy and healthcare, as well as approaches to identity, content ownership/digital rights management and supply chain processing.

The conference will take place on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 at the Mission Bay Conference Center, located on the UCSF Mission Bay Campus in San Francisco. Sponsors contributing to the program include Gem, Symbiont and Tendermint. Additional program contributions will come from: Alphapoint, Ascribe, BlockApps, Blockchain Capital, Blockchain Clearing Corp., Celent, ConsenSys, Factom, Gem, Global Tax Accountants, HitFin, MultiChain, Needham & Company,, SAP, SmartContract, Symbiont, t0, Tendermint, The Bancorp, Wedbush Securities, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, World Economic Forum.

IBM’s Keynote – delivered by its Global Blockchain Offering Director John Wolpert – is titled "How to Make Block Chain Real for Business" and will provide IBM’s point of view on the potential of block chain technology, highlighting the company’s open source collaboration with The Linux Foundation.

"A key mission of The Block Chain Conference is to educate business innovators and technology architects from companies deploying enterprise IT on the potential benefits and challenges of leveraging block chains, distributed ledgers and smart contracts," said Conference Chair Peter Harris.

In addition to IBM’s keynote, the program includes:

Avoiding The Pointless Block Chain Project – a short video from block chain pioneer Gideon Greenspan, Founder & […]

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