The Bitcoin Blockchain Dissected for All to See

By March 26, 2016 Bitcoin Tech

How the Bitcoin Blockchain Works

Bitcoin Blockchain Dissected

The Bitcoin Blockchain Technology

This video by Sholmi Zeltsinger provides and in depth look into the inter workings of the Bitcoin Blockchain. Zeltsinger starts with the basics and builds detail ultimately giving the viewer an understanding of what developing applications for the Bitcoin Blockchain involve.

The Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain Technology are recognized as a paradigm shifting way to store and transfer value and wealth. Anonymous and decentralized the Bitcoin serves as a private way to trade for goods and services. Further the Bitcoin is not controlled by any central body or government. The number of Bitcoins issued to the market is finite. The number issued is completely known and reported to the public. The Bitcoin is a fiat currency, however, because no one can issue more bitcoins beyond that which is set by the software, it potentially will become the main global currency. This makes it attractive as a hedge against all global currencies that are manipulated by their centrally controlled governments.

Although the video is technical in nature it provides an in depth explanation in layman’s terms that will benefit any early adapter of the Bitcoin Blockchain technology. From inspiring developers to investors this 48 minute video will help you understand the technology. The video will springboard you to a knowledge level necessary for being conversant with your industry peers. Even if you never plan on developing or investing in the new technology, this video offers up information that will be beneficial should you need to adapt the Bitcoin in fluid and potentially dangerous International currency markets.

If you are just setting out on your voyage to Bitcoin Blockchain understanding you can get more information at

I would also suggest you visit Sholmi Zeltsinger’s youtube channel for more videos on Bitcoin Blockchain technology and how to develop Bitcoin Applications. His youtube channel is here Sholmi Zeltsinger Youtube Video Channel.

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