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By May 20, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Press Releases: As of today (Friday 20th May 2016), BTCPOP is the first-ever P2P bitcoin lending company that offer Collateral Instant Loans.

BTCPOP are renowned for being a unique and innovative bitcoin lending platform, however, over the past year, they have strived to become the first bitcoin bank. In December 2014, BTCPOP started with just P2P loans; by December 2015, they had added features such as Instant Loan, Coin Exchange and IPO’s.

The introduction of Instant Collateral Loans will come as no surprise to the 18,000+ users of BTCPOP, who often expect this pioneering behaviour from Lee Bartholomew, CEO of BTCPOP. Mr Bartholomew said “Since the beginning, I’ve wanted to push BTCPOP far beyond the boundaries of what people thought a bitcoin company could do. The digital currency still has a far way to go before it becomes integrated into everyday society, but I want to show my users that the possibilities with bitcoin are endless; I will continue to add and develop new features to show that using BTCPOP as your everyday bank is not beyond the realms of possibility.”

With a standard P2P loan on BTCPOP, all borrowers must be Ardeva Verified, however, this is made much simpler with Collateral Instant Loans, as borrowers do not have to be verified. Instead, you can choose which shares or Altcoins you offer for collateral. This is also a great feature for investors as they will see an even bigger return into their BTCPOP Instant Account. A BTCPOP Collateral Instant Loan can be taken out for up to 30 days and during this time, borrowers can make part payments.

This is an exciting time for bitcoin, bitcoin users and BTCPOP. The company is ever evolving and adapting to meet its audience’s needs.

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