Earn 3% Daily Profit with LARAWITH.ME Automatic Asset Management Platform on Telegram Messaging App

By August 11, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin Press Release: An interactive robot, Lara, will work with your money and pay you 3% of net profit daily for a lifetime.

Simple and accessible, Lara’s core features are built on the highly secure and privacy orientated Telegram.org platform. Telegram’s application messenger is focused on speed and users’ privacy.

Lara prides in the unprecedented level of security of user’s data and financial transactions that have been achieved with the help of Telegram.org which has been invulnerable until today.

No powerful computer system has yet been able to decipher the encryption scheme of the Telegram application. It secures messaging details and allows users to link the account to their devices safely via a telephone number.

Lara can be considered as the most reliable instrument of the passive income ever to exist.

It was created to maximize security and stability of investment projects that offer a broad range of marketing types to make money, aimed as for rapid but quite risky income. It makes predictable payments that are combined with simple and profitable terms for all investors. Lara accepts investments from $10 to $20,000 from all users without initial investment return for 3% daily profit which will be paid over a lifetime.

To start growing capital, users must create personal profiles in the secure messenger Telegram. Then they connect to Lara and start a dialog.

After analysing the workflow of each high yield investment project – taking into consideration the average data about the investment plans, advertising campaigns, overall marketing plan, as well as an administration behaviour and the situation on the market – the platform distributes user’s funds among the objects of its investment portfolio, using a formula of the maximum possible break even.

Lara distributes the funds from the HYIP among all the members based on their personal investment. The margin of the excess profits is divided between the creators of the system, and for further development and promotion of Lara services as well as to build the insurance fund in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Its affiliate program is a generous partnership program that earns a user a 10% instant bonus of all investments of each direct partner brought into the team be it friends or colleagues. Promoting the development and expansion of the Lara system through word of mouth goes with a reward method that is widely used by the biggest companies all over the world.

This non-mandatory feature which allows users to create additional income can also enable their team to receive up to 1% bonuses from all deposits made by their downlines.

The Lara system shall consist of a team of web developers, online investors, project managers, active investors in the high-yielding projects and simply risk-lovers, who were united by one idea – creating an instrument, capable of working with the capital of investors for years and without wasting words – providing visible, real results.

Depositors to the platform will trust this team of analytics and administration to make everything possible – not trade in weapons or drugs, sell women or create MMM Ponzi prototypes – to achieve the number one priority goal – profit payouts.

The team wisely use the existing products of the investment market, which showed its best and had bright prospects for further development to make sure its cyber-creature robot Lara delivers its obligations to all users.

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