Multi-Platform Wallet Jaxx Integrates Dash

By August 17, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Multi-platform software wallet Jaxx now stores Dash, the seventh most valued cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap of about $80 million.

Jaxx is available across nine platforms and devices including Android and iOS Mobile, Android and iOS Tablet, Firefox and Chrome Extensions, Windows and Mac and Linux Desktop versions. Its single codebase allows for rapid deployment across all devices and platforms.

The addition of Dash increases the number of its multi-token supported cryptocurrencies to four – BTC, ETH, and DAO. It has multi-currency support (23 country currencies).

In an earlier official announcement on Reddit last week, CEO of Jaxx, Anthony Di Iorio, said their goal with Jaxx is to create an interface to blockchain for the masses like what the browser did for the Internet.

Following the integration, Di Iorio said in a release:

A month ago, we asked our community what cryptocurrency they wanted integrated next and the clear winner was Dash. We received an overwhelming amount of responses, so we joined with their development team to effect the integration. This has been an exciting project for both organisations.

Dash VP of Business Development Daniel Diaz noted that the decision to work together was reinforced by the good experience the two teams had during the implementation and they expect to continue strengthening the relationship long into the future.

Dash is a privacy-centric digital currency with instant transactions. It is based on the bitcoin software, but it has a two-tier network that improves it. The cryptocurrency allows you to remain anonymous while you make transactions, similar to cash. It is available to buy or sell on 30 cryptocurrency markets. It touts itself as the currency with much lower fees than banks or credit cards and charges just the network costs.

Dash differs from bitcoin whose transactions are published to the blockchain and can prove who made them or to whom. With Dash, the anonymization technology makes it impossible to trace transactions. Its blockchain is governed by a self-funded, decentralised organization comprised of over 4,000 master nodes. These Masternodes network enables Dash transactions to be confirmed almost instantly.

The digital currency recently introduced its first universal point of sale platform called BlockPay. It can be used to buy anything from a bottle of beer, a pair of shoes to a car. It allows merchants to accept one or more digital currencies at zero cost.

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