Maximus Coin Offering Up to 300% Returns on Bitcoin Investments

By August 23, 2016Bitcoin Business
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A Bitcoin mining contract company has claimed that it is offering up to 300% returns on modest Bitcoin investments.

Maximus Coin, as the company is titled, is bringing the aforementioned claim to reality through its two cloud mining plans. The first plan, as stated on the company’s website, requires investors to deposit amount ranging from 0.01 BTC to 10 BTC. And in return, the investment promises to yield a 200 pc net profit by the end of next 200 calendar days.

Similarly, the second plan requires investors to deposit amount ranging anywhere from 10 BTC to 1,000 BTC and earn a total return up to 300 pc within the next 200 calendar days.

Unlike other similar plans, Maximus Coin appears to be the most genuine as it allows users to withdraw profits every day just after its accrual. It proves that the company doesn’t believe in holding onto investors’ funds, and maintain the highest liquidity to ensure fairness and transparency.

“We,” added Maximus Coin, “are not HYIP company which offer 200 pc in 2 days and then disappears within couple of weeks but we work hard to build our reputation and strengthen our market position.”

How Maximus Coin Makes Profits

Maximus Coin is basically a modern technology business having multiple ventures growing together in an interconnected environment. The first and the foremost, as mentioned at the start, is cloud mining. The company work closely with experienced developers to create applications for new, efficient crypto mining algorithms.

Evidently, the company aims to utilize the said developments — and the additional financing — to construct large mining farms. These farms, according to Maximus Coin, use the latest Antminer S9 machines with lower electricity cost. The invested money, meanwhile, is also redirected to trading cryptocurrencies and forex by Maximus Coin’s professional and experienced traders.

“We trade both the increase and decrease of the Bitcoin rate. Your invested money is guaranteed and quickly multiplied. Thanks to the work of our professional traders and great mining machines.”

Licensed Company

Unlike other projects, Maximus Coin is a licensed company in Czech Republic that efficiently provides a safety net to all its investors. The company simply aims to build itself brick-by-brick, while resting its foundation on strong and transparent relationship with investors.

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