Coinbase Introduces Credit and Debit Card Support for Its European Customers

By August 25, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Coinbase is known to capture new markets and introduce new features on a regular basis. Keeping up with the trend, the leading cryptocurrency platform recently announced the inclusion of credit and debit card payments for its European customers.

Coinbase’s new offering is influenced by its performance in the home country, United States. In its blog, the company states that over forty percent of all cryptocurrency purchase in the US is made by using credit and debit cards. With the inclusion of new payment option, the company intends to replicate the same success story in the European market as well.

Until recently, Coinbase supported only credit card deposits in the US. The company finally announced the inclusion of debit card option earlier this year, which has turned out to be a great success. Now, the company is offering the same to other countries including Singapore, Canada and now Europe.

However, the solution allows its users in certain geographies to only buy digital currency with their cards. Upon launching the service in Canada, Coinbase explicitly mentioned that its customers in the North American nation can only buy digital currency at the moment.

As the company continues to go ahead with its expansion spree, Coinbase is currently available in 33 countries across the world including Canada and Australia where the platform offers only “Buy” option. In order to use the card payment option, the user has to navigate to the payment methods section on both website and mobile app and select card payment.

Complaints Galore Continues

On the other side, the company is struggling to cope up with increasing user complaints. Many users have taken to the social media platforms complaining either about alleged bugs in the platform or poor customer service. The latest complaint on the social media platform, Reddit concerns both.

One of the Redditors claims that the company has been unable to solve his issue for over 6 weeks. The delay, combined with a bug in the Bitcoin recovery tool is said to have delayed a withdrawal of around 50 bitcoins worth $28,721. After repeated attempts to get a satisfactory answer, the OP had posted the issue on Reddit.

In his latest update — ” Thank you Coinbase support for reaching out to me and really trying to figure this out fast. We narrowed down the problem and it seems all the funds from the vault will be able to be withdrawn soon, ” the customer finally seems to be satisfied with the progress since making the issue public.

While many customers are put through a lot of inconvenience by multiple issues and slow response on Coinbase’s part, it is something to be expected. Coinbase seems to be going through one of the major problems most startups that grow “too big too soon” experience. It is better for the company to have less yet happy customers than a large number of disgruntled ones. Hope the company wakes up and fixes the problems plaguing its platform and customer support process soon.

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