Opera Browser May Consider Integrating Bitcoin, Implements Built-in Adblock

By August 28, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Opera Browser May Consider Integrating Bitcoin, Implements Built-in Adblock
The team behind Opera, a web browser developed and released by Opera Software in 1995, may consider integrating Bitcoin after introducing a built-in Adblock feature in its newest release.

Opera’s adblock-integrated browser received positive responses from online communities, particularly for its ability to load web pages 90% faster than other browsers. Because the adblock software is built into the system of Opera, it catches advertisements in the engine when a webpage is requested, enabling users to access the web more efficiently.

How about Brave browser?

Another browser to implement a similar concept of Opera is Brave, a web browser developed by JavaScript creator and co-founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich. The Brave browser eliminates any advertisements seen on a webpage and replaces them with advertisements sold by the Brave Software team. To compensate publishers, the team pays 55% of ad revenues in Bitcoin.

The Brave Browser team’s release of a Bitcoin-integrated ad-free browser prompted the Bitcoin community to reconsider the implementation of micropayments and consider the possibility of using Bitcoin to payout publishers globally.

The Bitcoin community praised the Brave Software team for their efforts in integrating Bitcoin and creating another platform publishers to be incentivized.

Definitely maybe

Considering the positivity surrounding Brave’s new project, I personally asked the Opera team if they would ever consider integrating Bitcoin with an advertising model for incentives.

When asked “Opera team created browser with built-in adblock. Will the team consider integrating Bitcoin micropayment to incentivize content creators?,” the Opera team responded, “In which browser would you like to see this ? Mobile or desktop?”

@iamjosephyoung Hi :) In which browser would you like to see this ? Mobile or desktop? :) /Rosi

— Opera (@opera) August 26, 2016

Although the Opera team hasn’t released or hinted the integration of Bitcoin officially or publicly, it is possibility that the team might consider integrating Bitcoin in the future as a part of its initiative of eliminating ads on web pages.

Since the Opera team is concerned with the speed of web pages and malware containing advertisements, Opera could potentially integrate its own advertisements that load faster on web pages and distribute a portion of the ad revenues to the publishers.

The integration of Bitcoin and implementation of micropayments will introduce startups and other platforms to more opportunities of utilizing Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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