Caribbean Shoppers Now Have Access To eBay Through New Mobile App

By August 29, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Exciting things are happening on The Caribbean. As Bitcoin adoption seems to thrive in the region, online shopping is becoming a new point of focus. CaribShopper, a company with markets in 16 countries, has partnered with eBay to create a new application. Caribbean shoppers can now purchase items off the auction website through the eBay powered by CaribShopper app.

Although many people overlook the Caribbean when it comes to finance and payments, the region is booming. Up until now, it was virtually impossible to safely order items on eBay and have them delivered to the region. Thanks to CaribShopper that will be an issue of the past. The company has a solid partnership with DHL to ensure timely delivery of goods.

The Caribbean Is Becoming An Online Shopping Hub

Keeping in mind how eBay processes a gross volume of US$80bn per year, this is a significant deal. CaribShopper, while based out of Miami, Florida, has strong ties with The Caribbean. The application has introduced in-app shopping from over 100 retailers so far. On its list of supported platforms are Amazon, Macy’s Walmart, and now eBay as well.

Through the new “eBay powered by CaribShopper” app, users will bypass existing freight forwarding solutions. At the same time, they will enjoy all of the benefits from the regular eBay experience. Simply enter the delivery address in the Caribbean, and DHL will deliver the goods as soon as possible. This also removes the need to use a US forwarding address.

But there is more, as Caribbean shoppers do not need a credit card for shopping purposes. Instead, they can use the integrated Go Top Up service. This service sells redeemable CaribShopper credit. With this credit, residents can purchase anything they want from any of the supported platforms.

In the end, CaribShopper provides a guaranteed payment system for consumers. Opening up access to the world’s biggest shopping platforms is a significant move. Moreover, vendors will receive their money promptly, and the app handles all of the transaction fees as well. All the new app needs to do now is to integrate Bitcoin payments, which seem to be gaining traction in The Caribbean as of late.

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