deCLOUDs: Precious Metals-Backed Crypto-Platform on BlockChain

By August 29, 2016Bitcoin Business
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By Michael Douranos – Crypto Investor – Community Manager

One fact is undeniable, we are living in the ICO age of cryptocurrency world!

Since Ethereum back in 2014, so many platforms in the form of ICOs have made their appearance in the industry, that is so hard for the crypto community and the investors to choose the right ICO to invest and gain profit.

Most projects are promising to offer multiple features like asset to asset trading, custom tokens, use of smart contracts etc, making the life of crypto investors difficult.

But is there a project that can really turn the tide and offer what the crypto community really needs? Stability, low volatility, integration with physical assets to protect value?

A Few Words about deClouds Platform

DeClouds Platform looks quite promising by offering a Cloud based Platform, for Issuing, Exchanging, Trading Assets and Custom Tokens through Blockchain technology using Smart Contracts.

The functionality of the system will be based on unified blockchain nodes that will grow into blockchain Clouds with the result of Increased speed throughout the system.

DeClouds Integration with Valuable Metals

As Stas Nikolaev CEO of deClouds Platform says ”Resources are the only real value in today’s world that is in the throes of recurrent economic crisis. Our future depends on our ability to manage and allocate these resources decentralize’’. Which means that deClouds will deeply integrate with valuable metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium!

This fact will secure and protect user funds from Inflation and high volatility, plus it will offer possible additional profits from the value growth of these valuable metals.

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Success & Future of deClouds Platform

DeClouds Platform is having much success till now since it managed to collect more than 285 Bitcoins just in a few days from when it started.

It has a fast growing community in Slack of more than 140 active members, who will enjoy the profits from their posts since deClouds is probably the only ICO that offers a Slack Bounty, with 10 posts minimum for each member in order to receive the bounty.

At late September 2016 a new and improved site will be available with many features for its users and the Platform’s Client will be released close to that period.

All Bounty Payments in deClouds will be done in Bitcoins, a fact that created a lot of hype and was gladly accepted by the Community, since there will be no dumping from bounty hunters when it enters the exchanges and the price will avoid high volatility.

DeClouds has already collaborated with a Hosting Company that will offer Hosting Services to deClouds Token holders due to the fact that it will accept deClouds token payments with 50% discount than if the other cryptocurrencies!

DeClouds on the Media

DeClouds has a strong presence on the media by publishing Weekly Reports for the community to get the best info available about News and Updates and its team is active in all Social Media Platforms.

Also many articles about the project will be published in various cryptocurrency news sites.

Here is Weekly Report #1 & Weekly Report #2, where you’ ll find all news and updates about the project.

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So, the main idea behind deClouds is to connect Cryptocurrency with Valuable Metals.

If you keep in mind that the majority of all Cryptocurrencies are suffering from high and uncontrollable volatility caused by huge pumps and dumps, then i would say that deClouds is one of the few projects out there that can guarantee Stability and be vastly accepted by the Crypto Community by releasing a platform that will be adopted and used by all, without the fear of losing their money.

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