OneCoin Posts Fake Semper Fortis Letter To Gain Credibility

By August 29, 2016Bitcoin Business
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The OneCoin saga seems to be far from over right now. One thing has to be said”: the team behind this project will stoop to new lows to keep up the illusion of credibility. In a recent Youtube video, the team claims Semper Fortis is verifying OneCoin as a cryptocurrency. These claims are false, and OneCoin remains a bag of hot air.

For those who are unaware, the OneCoin program is nothing more than a blatant Ponzi Scheme. There is no blockchain involved, and there are no official tokens either. While there is nothing wrong with an MLM business model – there are legitimate companies out there – OneCoin is not one of them.

Blatant Semper Fortis Document Fraud By OneCoin

As long as funds come into the OneCoin program, users will see their account balances increase. Some lucky ones may even be able to get some funds out now and then. For most, however, this is nothing more than an illusion of wealth. Without referring enough people, this Ponzi Scheme will dry up sooner rather than later.

Despite a lot of scam accusations, OneCoin continues to gain momentum all over the world. Program members are infiltrating Meetup groups and cryptocurrency conferences all over the world. Gullible people will fall for these empty promises, and they will even start to believe OneCoin will replace Bitcoin in the future.

But the team is using a multi-pronged approach to lure in new investors. In a recent Youtube video, they claimed Semper Fortis is verifying OneCoin as being a cryptocurrency. Semper Fortis is a company focusing on information and cyber security. The company recently attended a meeting with Homeland Security in Washington DC as well.

For now, these claims have not been proven, and should be ignored for the time being. OneCoin is not a cryptocurrency, and anyone claiming otherwise is one of their paid shills. In fact, they put up a fake letter from the “managing director” of Semper Fortis on their website. However, given its horrible English, the only logical conclusion is this is utterly fake.

People need to stay away from OneCoin, or they will lose a lot of money in the process. The people involved in this Ponzi Scheme don’t even know what a blockchain is. Without this knowledge, creating a viable cryptocurrency is pretty much impossible.

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