Kraken Acquires Glidera To Offer In-Wallet Buy And Sell Support For Bitcoin

By December 14, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Kraken Glidera Acquisition

Significant acquisitions occur in the cryptocurrency world on a regular basis. Kraken, one of the leading global digital asset exchanges, acquired wallet funding service Glidera. This allows for the future integration of Bitcoin buying and selling option form within Bitcoin wallet solutions. In fact, Glidera’s services are present in 10 of the world’s leading Bitcoin wallets to date.

Kraken has been on an aggressive M&A spree all throughout 2016. Of are, the company acquired three different major Bitcoin exchanges. Earlier this year, Coinsetter, Cavirtex, and Clevercoin were all acquired by Kraken. But the company wants to focus on making buying and selling cryptocurrency more accessible to the public.

Acquiring a service that offers such functionality form with a Bitcoin wallet is a big step for the exchange. Kraken wants to be part of the global cryptocurrency ecosystem, and provide complementary services wherever possible. Exchange users will soon be able to enjoy one-click buying and selling of digital assets through their wallet.

Glidera Becomes Part of the Kraken Umbrella

Glidera will be brought under the global Kraken umbrella. For now, most of the US states are supported, and other improvements are yet to come in the following months. ACH Bank payments to fund trading accounts will be offered to US customers as well. Glidera services will undergo a rebranding to Kraken Direct in the future.

Glidera CEO and Co-Founder Dave Ripley told the media:

“We’re thoroughly excited to merge with Kraken and bring even more value to our clients and partners. Kraken has built an incredible global platform and a talented team who share our view that partnerships are key to building the digital asset ecosystem.”

One thing to look forward to is the upcoming expansion of Glidera funding services to other countries. Europe, Japan, Canada, and the UK are on the list of top candidates. No specific timeline has been provided at this time, although new regions should be supported from 2017 onwards.

Integrating the Glidera services into Bitcoin wallets is very straightforward. The company offers a comprehensive API interface, and they even manage all legal and compliance aspects. Developers can integrate this hassle-free feature and drive more people to their Bitcoin wallet offering.

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