First Global Adds German Equities to Bitcoin Backed Stock Trading Platform

By March 7, 2017Bitcoin Business
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First Global Credit continues to empower its bitcoin-backed stock trading platform. By adding German equities to the platform, bitcoin holders have yet another option to generate revenue at their disposal. First Global Credit has been adding new trading markets to their platform in quick succession as of late. All of this is positive news for bitcoin holders and investors who want to diversify their trading portfolios.

Generating a profit from owning bitcoin can be done in multiple ways. Not everyone enjoys playing the market, though, which limits the options somewhat. Thanks to companies such as First Global Credit, it is not possible to use bitcoin as a portfolio diversification tool. The platform allows cryptocurrency holders to generate profits from their bitcoin holdings in a convenient manner.

30 German Stocks Added By First Global Credit

The addition of German equities to the platform makes First Global Credit even more appealing. This also marks the second European market being added to the bitcoin-backed stock trading platform. A total of 30 different German stocks is now accessible, which is quite a significant number. Considering how FGC added over 50 Hong Kong equities in February of 2017, it is evident the company is expanding aggressively.

First Global founder Marcie Terman stated:

“Adding choice to what we offer bitcoin holders is key to the development of our business. The cryptocurrency market has an appetite for choice. That is clear,” continues Terman. “It is also sensible to provide diversity because when you have such a broad choice of geography and company focus; tech, medical, entertainment, hospitality and gaming to name just a few, there is always price action somewhere on the platform.”

It is good to see the bitcoin-backed stock trading platform differentiate itself from other competitors.Rather than focusing on one product, First Global Credit takes a more open-minded approach. Developing a business model where limitations do not apply is more in line with how the bitcoin ecosystem itself operates. Moreover, First Global Credit is in a prime position to offer new products in a way other companies simply cannot.

By adding 30 new German stocks, First Global Credit now offers nearly 400 tradeable assets to bitcoin holders. It is evident the company continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Additionally, the company plans multiple launches throughout 2017. Bitcoin holders may want to take notice of this platform, as it is quickly revolutionizing the trading sector as we know it. By using bitcoin, the company can bring the best of cryptocurrency and traditional stocks together under one umbrella.

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