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American players who have been in search of an online bitcoin casino have an option now with, which offers provably fair games and has a commitment towards protecting player information. But is it worth your bitcoins? Read on for a full in-depth analysis of what Bitcoin Casino has to offer.

Start off with a Welcome Bonus

Welcome deposit bonuses tend to be the biggest bonuses you’ll get at an online casino, since that’s how they attract new players, and Bitcoin Casino is no exception. What sets this casino apart is that instead of the standard one welcome bonus, it has gradually decreasing bonuses that you get on your first five deposits.

Your first deposit will include a 150-percent bonus, plus you’ll collect 150 free spins. On your next deposit, the bonus is 100 percent. After that, you get bonuses of 75, 50 and finally 25 percent. The bonus limit for each of these is 1 bitcoin. If possible, it’s best to plan your deposits so you can max out the bonus each time. For example, depositing 2 bitcoins on your fourth deposit and 4 bitcoins on your fifth will earn you that 1 bonus bitcoin maximum each time.

The welcome bonus isn’t the only promotion that Bitcoin Casino has available, as there is also weekday reload bonus of 30 percent on your deposit and a weekend bonus of 50 percent. These bonuses each have the same maximum amount of 1 bitcoin.

Keep in mind that you will need to meet the casino’s wagering requirements after getting a bonus, with the minimum being 40 times your bonus amount in total wagers before you can withdraw anything. While you can make a withdrawal from your account before hitting that requirement, you’ll forfeit your bonus and any winnings you’ve made when you do, so it’s a poor choice. You’re much better off playing until you reach that minimum. You also can’t get more than one bonus at a time, so you can’t get a welcome bonus and then also try to get a weekend bonus on the same deposit.

Choose from Over 350 Games

You won’t have any trouble finding a game where you can hit those wagering requirements, because Bitcoin Casino has plenty to offer. The casino lists some of its most popular and newest games on its home page, and you can also click a link to see the jackpot games that are available. It’s definitely worth trying those games out and placing a bet for the progressive jackpot, because it’s currently over 100,000 bitcoins.

The Games page has all the casino’s games on it, and you can also narrow it down by selecting a category of games, such as roulette, slot machine games or table games. Additional categories include high limit games, free spin games and the most popular games.

There’s a search feature to help you immediately find any game using keywords. Bitcoin Casino has a good mix of classic games and exciting new options. It has all the traditional casino games, including poker and blackjack, along with plenty of variations on each.

Click on any game to start playing. Keep an eye on the left sidebar that’s on every page, as well, because that lists games where players have been winning recently and the amount that they’ve won, so you can go where the action is.

The game experience at Bitcoin Casino is excellent, as each game has sharp graphics and high-quality sound effects that you can turn on and off. Freezing isn’t an issue, and in the unlikely instance that your game does freeze, the casino’s server saves the game for you so you can pick up where you left off instead of losing a great hand.

A Casino You Can Trust

Bitcoin Casino aims to set itself apart by being transparent with its players. It explains exactly how it determines game results on its Provably Fair page. In a nutshell, the casino uses both a random number generator and an algorithm to come up with two numbers. An independent organization certifies the random number generator, while players are able to check that the algorithm is functioning properly.

The combination of the random number and the secret number generated by the algorithm result in a fingerprint, a unique number combination that will never occur again. This fingerprint determines the result of the game. After you play a game, you can see the random number, the secret number and the fingerprint so you know exactly what went into your game’s result.

One of the biggest benefits of playing with bitcoins instead of cash is that it protects your information. When you use a credit card, debit card or an ACH transfer from a bank account to load your account with an online casino, every transaction has your personal information attached to it. When you transfer bitcoins to or from your account at Bitcoin Casino, there isn’t any of your personal information attached to them. It provides a layer of anonymity that other forms of payment can’t.

If you have any questions or concerns, customer support at this casino is always available. You can reach phone support or talk to a representative on live chat 24/7, and the support staff responds to email inquiries within 24 hours.

A Top-Notch Experience

Overall, provides an experience that’s tough to beat. The game lineup and bonus offers are on par with or better than any other online casino that you’ll find, and the casino is also one of the best when it comes to customer service. Its site has far more than just games, as it also includes plenty of valuable information, and it even has a section on recognizing the signs of gambling addiction. Expect this casino to be a popular choice for players in the United States for years to come.

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