Purse And BlinkTrade Partner Up To Focus On Untapped Bitcoin Markets

By March 14, 2017Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin companies have to fulfill their duty of promoting the use cases for cryptocurrency. Purse, a company well-known among bitcoin users for their Amazon shopping discounts, announced a partnership with BlinkTrade. This will allow consumers to use bitcoin in more regions, as well as bolster overall awareness of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin gains traction in many regions that remain largely untapped.

It is positive to see companies such as Purse look to improve bitcoin awareness. A partnership with the BlinkTrade Exchange Network is a big step in the right direction. This latter company is one of the leading exchange networks in the world. Moreover, they have exchange locations in emerging markets. This partnership allows Purse to explore these untapped bitcoin markets moving forward.

Purse Focuses On Untapped Markets

A joint collaboration between both companies will result in intriguing developments for the bitcoin ecosystem. It is a way to promote Purse’s services through the BlinkTrade exchange platform. This will, in turn, further accelerate global bitcoin adoption in the coming years. Considering how cryptocurrency can be a valuable asset to people living in emerging markets, marketing efforts are direly needed.

This announcement marks another major milestone for Purse. The company has strategic partnerships in India and Europe already. While both markets are important, there are other untapped markets where bitcoin can be of great value. It is of the utmost importance companies try to make an impact on these markets sooner rather than later. Purse is a utility for bitcoin users looking to deal with harsh economic controls.

BlinkTrade has exchanges in Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, Chile, and Venezuela. All of these regions make media headlines due to financial turmoil and inflation reaching new heights. Bitcoin will make a big impact in these untapped regions moving forward, that much is certain. Purse’s service will be offered to customers in all of these regions. It is important bitcoin users can spend cryptocurrency on goods and services they need.

Buying items on Amazon at a discount is a perfect use case for bitcoin. Users in all of the aforementioned regions will be able to enjoy this service moving forward. Additionally, it also gives users an option to convert unused Amazon gift card codes to bitcoin. The future of cryptocurrency looks very bright in these untapped markets, that much is certain. It will be interesting to see how this new partnership will play out in the coming months.

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