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By March 15, 2017Bitcoin Business
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Playing in an onlinecasino is not much different from playing at a physical location with the exception of the social aspect. A legitimate online casino will have the same odds of winning as their land based counterparts and all rules remain the same. The key word here is legitimate. Not all online casinos are properly licensed and many operate in countries different from the players own. When playing at casinos online it is very important to read the fine print in the user agreement and perform extensive research to ensure the casinos website is not a scam.Once a respectable online casino has been found it is time to start playing, and if all goes well, winning. Typically speaking in any casino game the house always win. A player may have one or two good nights where they win big but if they play consistently the casino will win back their money over time. There are two ways to consistently beat the house, and while bad luck is still a factor following either method puts the odds of coming out ahead in the players favor.The first method is simple enough to explain but it takes a higher amount of start up cash in order to be effective. It is based less on skill and more on betting strategy. Put simply, all a player must do is double their bet every time they lose a hand. Once they win a hand the player can then revert to their original bet. For example, if the player bets $5.00 and loses their next bet should be $10.00, then $20.00 and so on. As soon as the player wins just one hand they will make back all of the money they lost plus $5.00. Players still need to exercise caution however. Even though this betting strategy is highly effective a long string of bad hands and bad luck can still bankrupt them.The second method for winning online blackjack is a simplified form of card counting. For this method to be effective the online casino must be one that simulates dealing, discarding and shuffling as opposed to one that uses a full deck of cards at the beginning of each hand. At the beginning of a deck there is always a fifty-fifty chance that the next card dealt will be a 7 or higher. As the deck gets smaller these odds can change dramatically. The player begins with the number seven in their head. Each time a card above seven is dealt they add 1 and each time the card dealt is below seven they subtract 1. As the number gets lower the chances of the next card being a high card increase and vice versa. This gives the player better odds when deciding whether they should hit or stay and if the dealer has a high chance to bust.

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