Dragon’s Tale – Bitcoins in Berries

By March 16, 2017Bitcoin Business
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Dragons.tl, the really popular MMORPG casino platform, is one of the oldest online Bitcoin Casinos around. It started operations back in 2012. It stands in sharp contrast to its Las Vegas casino-esque counterparts.

Dragons.tl places its players in a virtual island replete with hidden treasures. The online casino platform further replaces the standard slot machines and card tables with a world of “blue skies, trees, plains, water, bars, castles and a lot of avatars running around.”

In Dragon’s Tale, you find an amazing 3D virtual world where you can play a range of quirky casino mini games which are unique to Dragon’s Tale. One such game is Berry Farming.

All the player has to do to play this game is to find a fruit stand, buy seeds from there nd plant them. There many varieties of seeds available .The higher the cost of the seed, the better the berries will pay.

The process to plant the seeds is also extremely simple. To plant them, go over the soil near the fruit stand and click on your avatar. Select “plant” and pick a seed to plant. As you click, the current prices of fruits will be flashed that the plant will pay the first time.

After this, when you click on the avatar again, ‘plant’ will be the first option. Plant the seed and a mound will pop up with your seed in it.

The speed of the seed growth in Dragon’s Tale is way faster than normal and a sprout should pop up within seconds. If the first yield is of berries, click on it to collect them and you will be paid the price that the berry is worth.

While, if the plant yields seeds, it can be collected and you will get 1 seed of its type which you can plant again. Then after a few seconds of harvesting, the plant will do one of three things randomly- the plant will give out berries of its type, it will give a seed or it will die.

Harvesting your berries in certain ways can increase your yield, and each berry has its own strategy. Farming is a fun game and if you are interested in it or other such exotic games, do visit Dragon’s Tale.

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