PoSWallet Offers Online Altcoin Staking and Exchange Services

By March 17, 2017Bitcoin Business
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It can be quite challenging to the find the right cryptocurrency wallet for your specific needs. PoSWallet is well worth seeking out, as the platform has a lot to offer. Not only is PoSWallet the world’s leading online staking wallet, but the company also offers an exchange platform. It is evident PoSWallet offers plenty of features, which makes it well worth checking out.

There is a lot more to PoSWallet than meets the eye. First of all, there is the online staking wallet aspect to take note of. Altcoin enthusiasts will find this service rather attractive, as PoSWallet provides an alternative way to earn proof-of-stake rewards. Considering how the platform supports 108 different coins, the platform offers something for everyone.

Additionally, PoSWallet offers faucets for their supported coins. The platform also keeps track of which faucets have enough liquidity to let users receive a payout at any given time. Users can also donate some of their own coins to the faucets to ensure other users can claim small rewards. An interesting take on things, as it allows users to remain within the PoSWallet ecosystem at all times.

Moreover, PoSWallet provides users with an exchange platform, which is of great value. To be more specific, users who were part of the PoSWallet ICO will have received POSW tokens in exchange for their investment. These tokens can be directly traded against bitcoin on the built-in exchange platform. Once again, a very nifty feature that will be well received by most users. There is no need to rely on external exchanges to trade this token, which is a very nice addition.

It is worth noting the PoSWCoin can be traded on Livecoin and Cryptopia as well. Users who buy this token will be eligible for monthly dividends generated by the PoSWallet platform. It is worth noting users can earn dividends along with the stake rewards, as they are not mutually exclusive. PoSWCoin stakes at a 1% stake rate, yet the total amount of coins is kept at 250,000 at all times. Funds held by the developer will be burned at the same rate as stake rewards are generated.

While most users will make use of PoSWallet to stake coins online, the other features are well worth checking out as well. Being able to support your favorite coin and earn proof-of-stake rewards without having to keep the wallet running on your computer at all times is a big plus. Claiming funds from one of the many faucets will allow PoSWallet users to earn some extra funds, as those coins can be staked as well. All things considered, this is a very powerful ecosystem that will elevate the altcoin sector to new heights.

Last but not least, PoSWallet is hosting a competition on ICOTimeline to promote awareness of this project. A total of 10 winners will be eligible for rewards between now and March 31st. Participating requires some social activity, as can be seen on the promotion page. A total of 200,000 POSWCoins are at stake to incentivize users to raise awareness about this online wallet staking platform.

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