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Five Geeked Out Fantasies You Can Fulfill Today With Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has been often been referred to as “nerd money.” The cryptocurrency has become more popular these days with more users and merchants incorporating the decentralized currency into their lives and businesses every day. In fact, there are many exciting products for geeky hobbyists already available today that can be purchased with bitcoin.

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Nerds Looking to Spend Their Bitcoin on Gear Look No Further


The “Bitbrew” handheld laser.

It is now possible for bitcoiners to become their favorite Star Wars character by purchasing a laser with their digital currency stash. is a business that specializes in laser sales and accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies. For instance, for roughly 0.0986 BTC bitcoin enthusiasts can purchase a handheld laser with an optical power of around 1300 mW. The laser is dubbed “Bitbrew” after one of the company’s favorite coffee shops that accepts bitcoin. Bitbrew has a laser wavelength of 445 nm and comes in a bright fluorescent-like blue color.

Bitlasers also has more expensive and more powerful lasers available for bitcoin, but the company warns these products are not toys. If a user is not careful, these lasers are capable of causing permanent blindness, as well as skin damage, and can severely burn people and objects.

Diving Machines and Mini-Submarines

If someone is looking to go nautical with their bitcoins they may want to visit the website Bitpremier, which calls itself the “luxury marketplace for bitcoiners.” Of course, people can buy fancy automobiles and yachts on the website, but they can also purchase submarines to voyage into the deep depths of the ocean blue. For instance, one ad on Bitpremier is selling an “Ultimate Diving Machine” that resembles a submarine shaped like a shark. For 115 BTC a bitcoiner can purchase this two-seater craft with a bubble top canopy. It has an underwater camera system, many viewports, snorkel extensions, and also comes with a custom shark paint job and a trailer.

The “Ultimate Diving Machine.”

If you have deeper pockets and want to purchase a professional grade mini-submarine for 2,271 bitcoins, Bitpremier can help you there as well. The mini-submarines are capable of diving down to a depth of “100 meters to 300 meters with three people.” The Bitpremier ad states these mini submersibles are fast, with six thrusters for strong currents and small enough to fit on an existing super-yacht. Anyone who is looking to fulfill their Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea fantasies can do so now with bitcoin.

A Trip to Space

Are you looking to leave the earth’s atmosphere with your bitcoins? Look no further, as Virgin Galactic will take you there and is currently accepting bitcoin for space flight purchases. Virgin Galactic is owned by the well-known Bitcoin supporter Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin space team has been building a spacecraft that can handle human spaceflight operations and small satellite launches. As a forward thinking company, Virgin Galactic believes utilizing bitcoin as payment for spaceflight is only natural.

“Bitcoin, the virtual currency, has really captured the imagination recently as one of the world’s most innovative businesses looking to the future,” explains Virgin Galactic. “So we think it is about time Virgin Galactic customers can choose to pay with bitcoins.”

Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship 2.

Drones and Robotics

The Phantom X Pincher robotic arm.

Now that you have a lightsaber, submarine, and a plane ticket to space you may need some friendly robot companions. Currently, Bitcoin enthusiasts can purchase flying drones with their digital currency and test their skills at aerial filming, and delivery services. The UK-based Daedalus Group has been selling drones for over two years and sells the flying robots for bitcoins. Furthermore, the company has stated in the past that both technologies will help each other grow. Additionally, the Virginia-based Expert Drones accepts the decentralized currency for drone purchases. The company specializes in drone kits, accessories, repairs, and training for both novices and veteran drone experts.

Or maybe you are in the market for a robotic arm after your father chopped yours off because you didn’t join him in ruling the empire? Well, in that case, you can purchase an arm that utilizes artificial intelligence, with bitcoin. While perusing on the bitcoin merchant website Spendabit there are quite a few robotic arms for sale, and accessories. Those shopping for a robotic arm could choose the Phantom X Pincher that operates with Turtlebot software and offers five degrees of movement freedom.

Medieval Weapons

Maybe space and underwater science fiction isn’t your thing, and you’re a geek who appreciates medieval weaponry and Lord of the Rings re-enactment gear. Well, you could possibly fill your Brave Heart desire by spending your bitcoins at the Celtic Webmerchant which carries early medieval swords, Viking weapons, and more. Furthermore, after branding a fine blade bitcoiners can also obtain medieval jewelry, drinking horns, and oil and stones to sharpen your battle-axe.

The Scottish Claymore Longsword.

Bitcoins Can Purchase Many Items That Epitomize the Geek Lifestyle

There are loads of other nerdy gadgets that can be purchased with bitcoin and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Bitcoiners can also purchase comic books, Pokemon cards, weird tee-shirts, funky art pieces and many more geeky items with the decentralized currency. With Bitcoin being considered a currency for geeks, being able to purchase items that exemplify this nerdiness is a plus.

What do you think about the interesting and geeky items you can purchase with bitcoins? Let us know about some of the fascinating items you’ve purchased with bitcoin in the comments below.

Images via Pixabay, Bitlasers, Spendabit, Bitpremier, Virgin Galactic, and the Celtic Webmerchant.’s own store features a wide range of interesting Bitcoin-related products. Looking for a hardware wallet? We got ‘em. Want a good-looking t-shirt? It’s there. Want to gift a nice Bitcoin tea cup? Go shopping.


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