Dragon’s Tale – Bet on Pigs and Benches for Bitcoin Rewards

By April 14, 2017Bitcoin Business
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Dragons.tl, the famous MMORPG casino platform places players in a virtual island which is filled with hidden treasures.

Dragons.tl is different from its Las Vegas inspired counterparts as it replaces the standard slot machines and card tables with a world of “blue skies, trees, plains, water, bars, castles and a lot of avatars running around.”

Dragons.tl offers a host of unique games and one of them is the skill based game, Friendship with Farm – Pig Game. At Dragons.tl, you can bet almost on everything on the virtual island which includes feeding the pigs in this game. In this eccentric game, players can win some hefty bitcoin rewards by simply feeding a bunch of pigs.

The game consists of a farm full of hungry pigs and the players have to feed these hungry pigs with treats. The pigs have varying food preferences as some like donuts while other prefer to eat candy. The pigs in a crazy twist, die of heart attack after getting too fat because of over eating.

Though, the death of the pigs is sad but it spells good news for the players.

The players feed the pigs with tasty treats because dead pigs are worth a fortune in the game. Dragons.tl offers real bitcoin rewards in this skilled-based game.

Another unusual way to earn bitcoin rewards in Dragons.tl is by kicking the benches. The benches on the virtual island yield bitcoin rewards if the players bet on them. This fun game is called Bench Kicking and is a purely luck based game with no “tips or tricks” to playing it.

Dragons.tl is widely popular for its wide selection of interactive games that presents players with enough opportunities to win big Bitcoin payouts. They include games like Cow Tipping, Ming Vases, Duck Pond, Berry Growing, Fishing, and many others. So, if you find the concept of the casino interesting, visit the link to know more about it.

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