BitCAD Launches Tectum Trade Engine

By May 5, 2017Bitcoin Business
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BitCAD has announced the launch of its encrypted smart-platform and decentralized trade engine. The Russian blockchain startup is designed to manage currencies, digital assets; smart contracts and DAOs and aspires to streamline business protocols and maximize their efficiency through its unified operating system.

Running along-side the platform will be an advanced mobile application that will offer users biometric Verification. Investors can participate in BitCAD’s month-long ICO, which started on May 4, 2017.

BitCAD has designed a unique blockchain-based system with an encrypted smart-platform and a fully decentralized trade engine under the guidance of founder and CEO Vlad Mitrofanov.

The trade engine, named ‘Tectum’, tackles various arduous business processes through the encrypted platform. Tectum provides a single window for managing, designing and analyzing businesses on the blockchain by employing multiple API integrations, interfaces with the banking systems, insurance, trade platforms, exchanges, CRM systems, taxation, governance, and customs.

The multi-stakeholder approach used by BitCAD allows for community-based, consensus-driven policy making. It is their purpose to ensure compliance with all business conditions without restrictions, accessible by all levels of users. It also ensures a reduction in time and resources involved throughout the decision-making and execution processes by implementing smart contracts and therefore, efficiently eliminating the role of financial and legal intermediaries.

The inclusion of smart contract templates on the platform will facilitate the management of the complete lifecycle of “smart” legal contracts leading to a reliable, trustworthy partnership between counterparties. Other benefits of BitCAD smart contracts include automated contract execution, dispute resolution, and arbitration services.

BitCAD’s all-in-one mobile application comes complete with a fingerprint or facial recognition authentication system. It also comes with international digital language capabilities for users to create and finalize deals and agreements automatically, making the whole ICO process more transparent; increasing the confidence among investors.

BitCAD’s token ICO crowdsale which commenced on May 4, 2017, will finish on June 4, 2017. Investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can invest in the platform by purchasing BCD tokens with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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