Creditbit Signature/Social Campaign Rules Announced on Bitcoin Talk

By May 8, 2017Bitcoin Business
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A campaign has been launched with the objective of making people aware about the Creditbit project on the crypto discussion platform Bitcoin Talk. The campaign lets anyone participate and rewards them for sharing articles regarding Creditbit. This step has been taken with the aim of leading more and more people towards the Creditbit project. Creditbit has been around since late 2015 and is still going strong today.

The rules for the people participating in the campaign are as follows:

  • 1 post per week MUST in ANN Thread
  • The participant must make 25 posts per week
  • Only 5 posts per section will count, they want users posting all over the forum
  • Posts must be constructive and on topic
  • 75 characters minimum
  • Users not posting a minimum of 25 posts per week for 2 consecutive weeks will be removed
  • 1 bitcointalk account per person(the participants found enrolling alts will be kicked out with no pay)
  • No neg trust accts may enroll
  • If you receive neg trust while enrolled you receive no pay and will be removed
  • If you’re placed on SMAS blacklist during your time enrolled you will not be paid
  • Participants are not to advertise any other sites in their signatures
  • Posts in any sig campaign threads will not count
  • Users may not rank up, you’ll be paid the rate at rank you sign up as
  • Posts in Games & Rounds, Off topic, Lending, Auctions, Politics & Society Archival, Investor based games, or Micro earnings will not count

The goal of the campaign, as described in the announcement, is to raise awareness, not just pay blind posters

The rates at which the participants will be paid are as follows:

Jr Member – 6 Creditbits/week
Member – 12 Creditbits/week
Full member – 24 Creditbits/week
Sr member – 45 Creditbits/week
Hero+ – 55 Creditbits/week

Thursdays will be the paydays and any posts after 23:59 UTC Wednesdays will count towards the following week.

Finally, the participants are also advised to check the token prices before joining to be assured that the rates are competitive.

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