Creditbit Reaches $1 on Three Major Exchanges

By May 10, 2017 Bitcoin Business
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Creditbit continues to see an increased level of traction as more and more good news keep making its way to the Creditbit community. The Creditbit project is in a state of constant development causing an influx of good news for the project and as a result attracting a fair amount of attention from the industry.

The cryptocurrency recently circled back to $1 mark again amidst growing adoption and speculation.

Crypto Dao – CRB/BTC $127,640 $1.05 24.99%

DABTC – CRB/CNY $90,540 $1.01 17.72%

Livecoin – CRB/ETH $56,550 $1.10 11.07%

The Creditbit community has been speculating a price hike for the crypto for the last few days, as can be seen on the crypto discussion platform Bitcoin Talk. The cause for speculations was the rapid expansion of the community, as a community member noted, “The bigger community will lead to higher price in the future.” The high volume for Creditbit on exchanges like CryptoDAO also had further fuelled the speculations.

The community has been predicting a price rise in the wake of new developments and the consistent in-flow of good news for the past few months. A community member hoped to ‘see a lot big changes, new developments and proposals but especially the big change in price’.

Other positive developments for the project include the news about the imminent listing of Credibit CRB token on a ‘big exchange with 30 million $ 24h volume trade.’ CRB is also expected to be mentioned again on BitcoinRush, May 12th on:

All these developments have managed to attract more support from the crypto community, including some very strong VIP support, and also have lead to a price hike. Further, the project is gaining popularity for its community-centric innovations.

Finally, the Signature campaign launched with the aim of increasing the awareness about the Creditbit project is also attracting many participants. Anyone can participate in the campaign as it entails simple sharing of articles regarding Creditbit, and also offers competitive payouts. The campaign aims to make more people understand the project and everything it entails.

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