Dragon’s Tale: A Vision That Became More Than Just a Bitcoin Gambling Platform

By May 11, 2017Bitcoin Business
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dragon's tale

Ever since online gaming caught up with cryptocurrencies, the number of Bitcoin casino and gambling platforms have skyrocketed. Among so many game titles on hundreds of casino platforms, one game stands out due to its presentation and the interactive gameplay. Dragon’s Tale holds the distinction of the being the first ever Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that allows players wager their bitcoins.

A brainchild of Andrew Tepper, Dragon’s Tale has quite an appeal among those who are used to games like Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games. The game by itself is a combination of a range of different mini games, all of which offers gamers with an opportunity to wager and win bitcoins. The creators of Dragon’s Tale get full points for their different take on online gambling. They have made gambling much more than just a push of the button or a click of the mouse.

In the early days of Dragon’s Tale, Tepper ‘s vision for the game was quoted on one of the leading English news outlets saying,

“What if there were a truly different kind of casino that existed as a persistent world? A world where everything that you see, everything that you can touch, was in fact some sort of game… No traditional slot machines, card games, dice, but an RPG where your character advances by success at games of chance. Bitcoins rekindled that idea, and since learning of them, I’ve been brainstorming such a world.”

Since then, Dragon’s Tale has become a reality, and it is accessible to everyone. Unlike other processor intensive games, Dragon’s Tale relies on a basic PC configuration, ensuring universal gaming experience to everyone.

Another differentiating factor between Dragon’s Tale and other online gambling platforms is the initial deposit. While people can easily deposit Bitcoin, or pay through their cards on Dragon’s Tale, those with patience can make a small fortune easily without even spending a penny. The game has treasures, and tiny amounts of Bitcoin stashed across the virtual world which can be collected and wagered on other games. However, it is a painstaking process, and only those who really enjoy role playing games can handle it. For others, there is always an easy and more efficient way to win some bitcoins by funding their game wallets.

Dragon’s Tale was launched in 2013, and even after four long years, the number of interested people continue to grow.

Really like these type of MMPOG and will give this a whirl when I get off of classes in the next few days.”Piladeer on BitcoinTalk

The creators of Dragon’s Tale are constantly updating the game offering by improving its performance, introducing new challenges and promotions during holidays and other important days. These updates and other hidden features continue to surprise even the seasoned Dragon’s Tale players.

“As a casual player for a long time I didn’t even know they [“magical points”] were there, but having discovered at least some of them, my opinion of the game has changed entirely, and I am a definite fan.”HappyScamp
The game also allows people to interact with each other by sending messages. It is a common sight to witness players offering gifts to each other, guiding a fellow player through the game and more. In other word’s Dragon’s Tale is an online social roleplaying Bitcoin gambling game.

“I want to second the /message di message thing. It’s how I’ve had to get a hold of him as well. Also note that it’s easy to miss his responses… they show up in the notifications when you first log in.”Ranlo

Dragon’s Tale has a really good customer support system which allows people to directly get in touch with the developers in case of any issues. A direct message seldom goes unanswered. Tepper, and others are known to address any issues faced by the players personally.

Dragon’s Tale has so far proven to beEver since online gaming caught up with cryptocurrencies, the number of Bitcoin casino and gambling platforms have skyrocketed. a Bitcoin game worth trying, with or without placing a wager. Those interested in experiencing a virtual fantasy world can do so by downloading the game on their Windows, Linux or Apple machines from the game website.

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