Creditbit Community Expands; Price Hike Speculations Rife

By May 12, 2017Bitcoin Business
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Creditbit is becoming popular for its community centric developments. The community has been a strong focus under the development roadmap for Credit 2.0. All the innovations have been community focused as they have also been given the power to vote and even veto, if necessary, any features proposed.

This focus on community has won the Creditbit project a strong support from its community and as its reputation as a community focused project grows; the traction it gets is increasing. The community driven approach has helped Creditbit attract many new adopters, as a result of which the Creditbit community is expanding rapidly.

The project’s social media accounts have seen manifold growth in a short span of time, and even the community member made YouTube channel for Creditbit is getting a of traction. The community is also seeing expansion on the crypto discussion platform, Bitcoin Talk. A lot of new adopters and prospective community members who are curious about the project can easily be spotted on the discussion threads on the platform.

The popularity of the project has bumped up following the streak of positive developments it has seen in the past few months. The project has managed to attract attention from the experts in the industry and also has got VIP supporters batting for it.

The recently launched Signature/Social Media campaign for the project on Bitcoin Talk is also helping in raising awareness about the project. The campaign aims to introduce Creditbit to those who may not have heard of it.

The increased traction and adoption rate, and the recent spike in price, has lead community members to speculate upon Creditbit’s imminent price hike.

Moreover, the community believes that the growing community and the Creditbit whitepaper is also bound to attract some of the bigger exchanges like bittrex, poloniex, kraken or bitfinex. Creditbit price is speculated to hit $10+ on being added to exchanges like bittrex and poloniex.

Speculations are rife that the limited supply of the CRB tokens will cause holders to lock their tokens as the price increases, cutting the short the CRB token in the market to only 50% or less. Therefore, the CRB prices are bound to explode, maybe even overnight.

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