Aeternity’s Crowdsale Second Phase is Over- Hitting CAP of $24 Million

By June 13, 2017Ethereum
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The first phase of Aeternity’s contribution campaign successfully ended on April 6, 2017, raised more than $5.25 million, with $2 million raised just in the first hour. The second phase of the crowdsale, launched on May 29, 2017 also achieved a remarkable success with almost $24 million worth of funds raised up i.e. CAP has achieved. As per one of the official tweets by Aeternity, more than 8,000 investors took part in the second phase of the crowdsale.

What makes Aeternity’s Crowdsale so special?

Aeternity is the novel blockchain platform that integrates the best approaches from other blockchain platforms like Augur and Ethereum. The platform is being developed to address the issues related to the scalability of smart contracts and to give a new dimension to the interaction between digital and real worlds. The platform focuses to put smart contracts in state channels, while enabling distributed oracles in consensus mechanism of blockchain.

What do developers say…

The developers invested in Augur and Ethereum, have asserted that Aeternity’s platform will be able to develop completely new blockchain, through which unlimited number of transactions could be processes within Turing-complete smart contracts. Of course, no additional trust is required for executing smart contract and transactions.

The Prominent features

Following are some of the key features, Aeternity platform is based upon:

  • Off-chain transactions

This brings higher speed and enhanced privacy. Now unlimited number of transactions could be processed every day.

  • Oracle Machines

Users would be able to connect any real world data with their smart contracts easily including oil and gold prices, sports events, elections etc.

  • A hybrid security

Aeternity is secured via hybrid of Proof-of-work and Proof-of-stake.The platform draws upon many innovations taken from other blockchains to enhance the efficiency of existing oracle platforms and smart contract.

  • Prediction Markets

The focus on oracles makes the platform highly suitable for prediction markets. Aeternity proposes the use of prediction markets as the basis of governance system. Initially, consensus developed by prediction market would just provide input to development team for decision making, but in future, a completely autonomous prediction market governance DAO will be implemented. The main net of the platform is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2018.

The AE Tokens…

The Aeternity tokens, or AE tokens are similar to that of Ether on the Ethereum. These are the utility token to pay for transaction charges and can also be used as a means of value transfer within the network.

The second phase of AE token crowdsale has just reached the CAP of $24 million. To know more, visit

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