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By June 13, 2017Bitcoin Business
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The world is finally waking up to the enormous opportunities that rise with cryptocurrency investments. Surely the profits have attracted many new and professional investors to the decentralised space; but, at the same time, there are still concerns related to investments platforms’ credibility.

It is worrisome to notice that there are still only a handful of investment platforms which enjoy complete customer trust. The increasing popularity of is indicative of it being one such platform. is drawing in a lot of investors who want to avail the best earning scopes offered by the cyptocurrency market.

One of the USP of is that it has been developed with a focus on offering a safe and stable platform to everyone. The bitcoin trading platform makes the investment approach as simple as possible by providing a simple intuitive interface, which allows for investors with even minimal experience to earn a fixed hourly interest irrespective of the dips and highs in the market conditions. Being an automatic e-investment platform is an integral part of BTChain Limited.

BTChain is UK’s fastest growing bitcoin investment company of the financial year 2016/2017. The company mainly focuses on Bitcoin, but is now expanding to include new interesting alternative coins like ETH, ZEC, DASH and XMR. The diversification of investments allows the company to deliver steady income to investors.

BTChain is already making a big difference in the complex and competitive field of the cryptocurrency trading platforms. The platform offers four simple Bitcoin investment plans, which range from 3.36% to 6% daily. Each plan comes with instant accruals and the investors can withdraw their initial deposit any time after just 5 days since the date of deposit and apply for withdrawals quickly and easily through their Back Office.

Finally, offers bank level security as it is managed with EV SSL. This makes way for a risk-free route to earning and investment with guarantee offered for all transactions.

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