Brussels Police Officer Busted Over Darknet Breach

By August 20, 2017Bitcoin Business
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A Brussel police officer was summoned before the Belgian authorities for engaging in illicit Darknet activities. The decision to make the arrest came after authorities conducted series of investigation and searches in last week.

Information from the federal prosecutor’s office confirms that the suspected Brussels police officer was a railway police.

The investigating Judge from Limburg on Tuesday requested for a search to be conducted in Brussels, Jette, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Laeken, and Evere.

The police officer, identified as YA (33) and his brother IA resided in Jette and Molenbeek-Saint-Jean respectively. Upon the search, a total cash of 100,000 Euros and 300,000 Euros in an account, as well as computer equipment were seized.

This has raised a lot of questions concerning the reliability of the Belgian security. The country has already had a problem with the continuous rise of Darknet activities in recent times, and as a result, the people counted on the police to enforce the law to deal with any arrested suspect. The involvement of a police officer in this outrageous act gives a slight hint of what goes on in the country.

The fact that this is not the only involvement of security personnel in Darknet activities is very scary. In 2016, the FBI spotted a police officer who worked in the Charleroi office, on the Darknet purchasing weapons. Thomas V. was charged with two counts; illegally importing weapons and a charge of murder. Authorities raided his house and confiscated arms and explosives.

When police officers who are supposed to stand for the law and fight against illicit Darknet users rather make themselves active customers of these markets, then it forces people to think that not all law enforcers are good people. Thumbs up to the various postal carriers who helped to confiscate the deliveries ordered through Darknet.

A similar case happened in 2013 when two law enforcement agents stole Bitcoin during the trial.

The lawyer of the Brussels police officer claimed that his client was ignorant of the illegalities of his breach on the Darknet.

The spokesman for the federal police, Guy Theyskens, said that an internal action will be taken after the outcome of the judicial follow-up. He said; “A police officer is expected to have an exemplary morality, but this allegedly faulty behavior was not committed in the performance of his duties. We are waiting for the judicial follow-up to assess whether there is a need for internal action.”

The action against the police officer will not be any different from a civilian who will be arrested in a Darknet related breach. This is a fact that, if a police officer is not spared, then the civilian should forget of any loose judgment. This will go a long way to help Belgium to defeat illicit Darknet activities in the long run, if not now.

Belgium as a country has been troubled by the ever increasing Darknet activities.

The Fight to Completely Eradicate Darknet activities becomes tough, as more people accept the Anonymous Network

The use of the Darknet network in Belgium is increasing, and it is more likely that the situation will get out of hands if no serious action is taken.

The efforts of the Global agency to take down two of the most popular Darknet marketplaces; Alphabay and Hansa market sounds good to all countries in Europe including Belgium. However, the aim of the markets shut down seem not to have worked as it is reported that more users are signing up in the other Darknet platforms.

A similar situation happened after the FBI shut down the old Silk Road market in 2013. Reports say that the Darknet recorded an unprecedented rise of users and vendors.

If more users are still joining the anonymous network, then more Belgian nationals are joining as well.

The Belgian authorities have taken some steps to control it, but the truth is, the criminal network cannot be completely eradicated.

The Belgian authorities have records of arresting illegal Darknet vendors and users. Recently, the Belgian authorities went to the extent of banning a trainer for giving a Darknet course to the Mons prison inmates.

It is an established fact that more people will join the network irrespective of the number of busted vendors and users. A successful war against the Darknet should be a continuous one.

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