Bankrolling Alternative Content Creators to be Done on Blockchain

By September 8, 2017Ethereum
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In an age where independent content creators fight for relevancy and page views to earn a living, the very content and the messages they communicate could well be their undoing.

Alternative website owners, bloggers and content creators are suffering at the hands of mainstream media and advertisers – who are actively fighting to suppress and defund the information and content being delivered by this network of free thinking minds.

Speak out against the status quo and face the consequences of dwindling advertising revenues and relevancy on mainstream search engines and social media platforms.

To combat this reality, a team of industrious, forward-thinking minds are hoping to build an advertising framework called the Commodity Ad Network, backed by its very own Cryptocurrency – CDX.

Bringing niche advertisers and content creators together

The main aim of the Commodity Ad Network is to bring niche advertisers and content creators together in order to nurture and support a very important group of people.

Alternative media websites and their owners, bloggers and content creators are being stifled by large advertising networks – and that is where a change is needed.

The hope is to provide both parties the incentive to partner up – by charging advertisers less and paying content creators more than corporate advertising networks are currently offering.

All of this is in the hope to preserve and grow alternative and independent content creators and advertisers.

CDX offering ethical, transparent payment

The Commodity Ad Network will be driven by CDX, which is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token. Payments made from advertisers and payments to content creators will be settled in CDX – trusting the transparency provided by the smart contract system embedded into the Ethereum blockchain.

Content creators are promised to benefit from at least a 50 percent profit share of the ad revenue made by the Commodity Ad Network.

Rolling out the Commodity Ad Network

Backed by CDX – the first port of call is the creation of the niche advertising system that will curate and serve advertising that is relevant to specific content creators’ websites and blogs.

Don’t expect to see a fitness center’s banners on a precious metals analyst’s blog – adverts will be relevant to the websites they appear on.

Once that is up and running, there are plans for the development of a video and social media platform – backed up by a unique search engine of its own. Content creators are being promised the freedom to create their own channels promoting free speech.

Stage 3 will see the Commodity Ad Network complementing its ad-serving business model with blockchain technology. CDX tokens aim to allow advertisers better prices for advertising space, while the value of cryptocurrency in the pool will speed up payments to content creators. The creation of a web portal will streamline the transactions of CDX between advertisers and content creators.

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