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Next Step in Decentralised Payment Gateway Revolution is Here

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So far, Blockchain based payment gateways are succeeding where conventional ones have failed; transferring money fast at significantly lower fees. However, even these advanced gateways haven’t ironed all the wrinkles out of money transfers just yet. Enter ErosCoin- a multi-currency, Ethereum-based, peer-to-peer payment gateway.

Payment gateways and Blockchain

It is safe to say that the advent of Blockchain technology has spurred unprecedented advancements in the transfer of payments and remittances in the past few years. So much so, that they’re giving banks a run for their money. By cutting out the middleman, guaranteeing anonymity and ensuring security, Blockchain technology lends itself perfectly well to replace all traditional money transfer infrastructure.

While mass adoption of decentralised payment gateways may be on the horizon, there are still several challenges to overcome. These challenges were the starting point of the ErosCoin team, who set out to ‘provide mass payment facility.’

Recent developments

As Blockchain technology enters into mainstream consciousness, the ErosCoin gateway provides easy-to-use applications for smooth and instantaneous peer-to-peer payment transactions for all. With the ERO token ICO set to launch on Oct. 11 and the pre-sale starting in less than a week, the ErosCoin team is committed to providing more secure and facilitated payment transfers to the masses.

After nearly a year of development, the ErosCoin team launched their website presenting a multi-cryptocurrency, peer-to-peer payment gateway which they aspire will become a leading platform in the field. The team is also aiming to bring Blockchain technology to a wide range of other industries.

Unique features and services

Complying with all ERC20 principles, the gateway cuts payment transfer time of traditional banking services from days to seconds. ErosCoin affords its users all the perks of a decentralised payment gateway and then some. Like other decentralised payment gateways it allows for transfer of payments while ensuring anonymity and transparency without third party involvement. However, the ErosCoin development team promises not only increased security but also a number of distinguishing features that make for an enhanced money transfer experience.

ErosCoin goes a step further, not only by enabling instant cross-border transfer of fiat money and cryptocurrencies, but also by supporting all cryptocurrencies. In this regard, the ErosCoin development team has put forth innovative solutions for several issues within the Blockchain-based payment gateway industry. One example of this is their feature that simplifies the ‘currency splitting’ issue.

The ErosPay wallet application is available on both stationary and mobile devices. It is designed as a customer-focused application that removes all the complexity associated with the typical payment transfer experience through unique features like peer-to-peer communication, In-chat instant payment and One-touch payments. Additionally, with the ErosPay mobile application, it is possible to have remote access as there are no IP restrictions. This wallet will be featured on both Android and iOS. The web application makes one step access possible while retaining two-factor authentication security measure.

The open source gateway offers advanced services that are tailored for e-commerce. These include payment and invoicing management services as well as real-time solutions for merchants and customers. Notably, ErosCoin provides a Merchant Panel to support retailers with their day-to-day challenges and is suitable for every type of business.

ICO and business development

The pre-sale for ERO starts in less than a week, and the ICO starts Oct. 11, where 1.2 bln ERO tokens will be available of the 2.4 bln cutoff. Half of the funds raised during ICO will go towards development, while the rest are divided between operational work, marketing, legal work, content licenses and administrative fees. The team has brought on an accounting firm to perform a financial audit and ensure compliance of services.

It’s no secret that decentralised payment gateways are disrupting the billion dollar money transfer industry. With increased security, innovative services and a convenient interface, ErosCoin might just be the next revolutionary step in this disruption.

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