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By October 12, 2017Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin has appreciated 6.5 times this year. Over the same period, Litecoin has added 1,258.9%, and Etherium has grown 2,365.26%. Have you caught the hype? You still have every chance to make profit, and now, with CryptoFund, it is even safer.

What are the investment options with crypto currencies today?

  1. Choose a crypto currency to buy in the hope of further price growth. The main advantage is minimal costs of analyzing and tracking the instrument. The main disadvantage is the unpredictability of the market: a strong downtrend will lose you all your investments.
  2. Build a portfolio of several crypto currencies. The main advantage is the ability to avoid the risks associated with owning one asset. The main disadvantage is the need to devote considerable time to analyzing the asset moves and monitoring the state of the portfolio.
  3. Invest in ICO projects. The main advantage is minimal investments in different types of economy with potentially high profitability. The main disadvantage is the risk of losing all your funds on scam projects due to poor knowledge of the market.
  4. Invest in a mutual crypto fund. The main advantages are risk diversification, engagement of professionals in managing the fund, more spare time for yourself as you don’t need to waste it on market analysis. Investing in crypto assets through mutual crypto funds makes the market accessible to newcomers who have not yet figured out the specifics of the industry but understand that in this market, the kind of profits can be made that traditional markets cannot offer.

The practice of existing crypto funds suggests that even with the most conservative investment strategy, asset growth can reach 1,000% against the US dollar already in the first year of operation.

CryptoFund is a diversified algorithmic crypto fund investing in crypto technologies and blockchain.

The market of crypto currencies is growing at an aggressive pace. However, this rapid growth is accompanied by huge volatility, uncertainty and distrust of participants and infrastructure. The company’s expertise in financial markets, credibility among professional traders, investors, and financiers, coupled with blockchain technology, add up to make the crypto industry extremely transparent, open and safe for broadest groups of users.

The Fund is owned through the purchase of Fund units (tokens). Currently, the Fund accepts investments in BTС, but it has plans to set up a USD-fund and an ETH-fund.

The number and price of tokens depend on the cash flow “in” and “out” of the Fund. Every time the buyer sends bitcoins to the Fund’s purse, the Fund issues tokens according to the current fund price which is calculated at 12.00 GMT every day.

The fund is structured so that at any given moment, all the tokens are backed 100% by crypto assets under management.

The Fund pays dividends to unit holders. Dividends are paid each time the fund’s profit reaches 20% according to the methodology of calculation.

Each owner of the Fund’s tokens can choose whether to reinvest the profit or to receive a payment to their personal wallet. The system processes payments automatically, based on the information that each token owner enters in his or her personal account.

The funds received are invested in basic stipulated by the Fund proportions, with due account of the risk-return ratio.

With CryptoFund, investments in crypto currency are affordable and understandable to anyone.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.

TheMerkle eBTC ERC20 Clone
TheMerkle eBTC ERC20 Clone

We have seen quite a few versions of Bitcoin introduced throughout the years. Although Bitcoin itself is still a factor, we also have Bitcoin Cash and the rumored Bitcoin Gold to contend with. It is likely we will see yet another chain added to the list, thanks to the SegWit2x hard fork in a few weeks. If that wasn’t enough, we now also have eBTC, which is an ERC20 version of Bitcoin. Whether or not such a token needs to exist in the first place is a different matter altogether.

eBTC is An Unusual Type of Bitcoin

No one will deny tokens issued on top of the Ethereum blockchain can all have their own value in one way or another. Although not all of those tokens will be widely successful in the long run, most of them are seemingly in a good place right now. eBTC is not a token a lot of people will automatically put on this level, but that is only to be expected. A tokenized version of Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain is not all that appealing to anyone.

Granted, the Bitcoin we all know and have used is far from perfect. It is still a cumbersome payment method to deal with and the volatile price swings aren’t improving matters whatsoever. Moreover, it can take a lot of time to get network confirmations once transactions are sent. While most payment processors negate this delay at their own risk, it is not the fastest way to move money around right now. That may all change in the future once the Lightning Network becomes a part of Bitcoin, though.

Until that happens, there will always be people who claim they can create a much better Bitcoin. The creators of eBTC are certainly on this list; otherwise, they wouldn’t have brought this ERC20 token into existence in the first place. Unfortunately, we now have a new currency we have to deal with, even though its chances of success appear to be rather limited at this point. That doesn’t mean eBTC won’t succeed, but it will most likely never dethrone whichever version of Bitcoin is leading the charge in a few months from now.

What makes eBTC most appealing – according to its developer, at least – is that it has a transaction time of 24 seconds. That is certainly a lot faster than Bitcoin itself. Additionally, it purports to offer transaction fees of US$0.50 at most. That’s rather on the cheap side, although there is no longer a reason to pay high transaction fees when using the real Bitcoin either. Plus, eBTC can work with smart contracts. Bitcoin will get the same functionality in a few months, rendering this project a bit moot in the process.

As one would expect, there will be plenty of compatible wallets for this ERC20 token. It does not appear eBTC will get its own wallet, but considering it’s an ERC20 token, there is no real need for one either. This token will be compatible with Parity, Mist, Metamask, imToken, MyEtherWallet, and the standard Ethereum client. With a total supply of 21 million eBTC, the tokenized version of Bitcoin certainly copies the real deal to a T in this regard. That won’t make it successful, though.

Speaking of which, eBTC is currently valued at US$0.20. That means the transaction fee for sending one eBTC across the Ethereum network is as high as the value of the token itself. That’s not the most solid business model we have ever seen, but things will presumably change over time. For now, there is seemingly no reason for this token to exist whatsoever, but there will always be people who take a liking to these types of creations.