CoinCrowd Advances the Blockchain Industry – Introducing a New Generation of Token Sales

By June 2, 2018 Ethereum
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In recent years cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have erupted into the modern world. Countless industries are benefiting from blockchain technology and are being completely revamped. Despite the massive potential of this technology, however, mainstream adoption is still just a vision on the horizon at present.

Token sales have been riddled with scams and fraudulent activity that have tainted the industry. However, CoinCrowd is looking to bring fair practice and transparency to the token sale landscape, as we witness cryptocurrency taking over the financial world.

There have been an alarming amount of scam projects littered throughout the crypto space, that have tarnished the industry. This has doomed some future token sale projects who have been branded as untrustworthy.

CoinCrowd have been handling these issues with a unique and admirable approach. The blockchain based ecosystem provides solutions to every aspect of crypto management. From purchase, to storage and joining token sales, CoinCrowd is looking to bring change. Thanks to their breakthrough protocol, fairness and security is paramount, with a promise to improve the token sale industry in general.

CoinCrowd has compliance at its core, with a mission to bring fairness to the crypto market. The team have been working for over a year on their infrastructure that will elevate token sales towards a new standard.

Leading the way for the new generation of token sales, is the DAICO. A DAICO looks to improve the current token sale model by working on certain aspects of DAOs. The vision was suggested by Vitalik Buterin, who looked to make token sales more secure by involving contributors in the initial development process.

The Protocol

CoinCrowd is bringing crypto to the people by putting the power in their hands. The CoinCrowd protocol serves to provide token sale participants with a guarantee. This is thanks to the Milestone Control System, which releases coins collected only after the accomplishment of predefined milestones. The protocol is governed by the community and open source, so anyone can build their own platform and remain in control.

The Exchange

DAICOs generated through the protocol are automatically listed on the CoinCrowd decentralised exchange. This provides users with the security to trade by decentralising critical processes. The protocol works hand in hand with the exchange and a cryptocurrency wallet to provide the best user experience. The exchange is also integrated with a mobile/desktop wallet to further provide accessibility for users worldwide.

The Wallet

The CoinCrowd core is the wallet, which provides a single tool to manage all the different aspects of token sale participation and management. Users are able to trade multiple coins with ease.

Not only that, the CoinCrowd wallet looks to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat, as users can convert fiat currency and join token sales, while finalising KYC processes within the wallet. The wallet offers users the best security options with a combination of biometric ID and user pin access.

Users are in complete control by being the sole owners of their private keys. The wallet also supports multiple accounts and is compatible with ENS, or defined resolutions for Ethereum addresses.

The Token Sale

The CoinCrowd Token (XCC) is the core of the entire infrastructure. The protocol is open sourced to facilitate mass adoption, with fees generated by the exchange used for token burning. This ensures that increasing adoption and decreasing supply rewards holders in the long run by maintaining the value of remaining tokens.

The CoinCrowd team have a unique vision that is set to improve the entire blockchain sector. Following the release of the wallet in March 2018, the CoinCrowd team will release a prototype of the DAICO protocol. This is to be implemented in the upcoming CoinCrowd token sale.

To find out more onCoinCrowd’s vision and exciting new chapter, visit their website. To support the project join the whitelist. You can also read the whitepaper here and don’t forget to connect on Telegram.

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