Satoshi Nakamoto exposed?

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Satoshi Nakamoto exposed?

The mystery behind the identity of supposed Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is shrouded in controversy and false claims. Some have claimed the title and some have had it thrust upon them. Bitcoin cash (BCH) developer Gavin Andresen, now joins the leagues of people assumed to be the illustrious Satoshi Nakamoto…

That is according to zycrypto, a UK based cryptocurrency website. They claim they identified Andresen as Nakamoto through detailed analysis of stylometry; a method which observes similarities within the lexicon and literary style of two writers. Stylometry, however, has its inherent faults, such as its tendency to produce wildly different results when minor details are tweaked.

The website states: “Overwhelmingly our model clustered Gavin Andresen with Satoshi but when we used covariances our model would load the Satoshi whitepaper onto a paper by Wei Dai.”

They allegedly overcame this anomaly by utilising “Maciej Edars bootstrapping method”, a procedure designed to refine and narrow the results of stylometry:

“The approach uses Burrows’ delta to find a difference between two texts, but also uses random sampling of MFW [most frequent word] ranges so as to output more robust results.’.

Below are zycyrpto’s apparent sytlometric results:

The identity of Satoshi has been a highly regarded topic of debate within the crypto sphere. It’s said that Satoshi is sitting on a massive 980,000 BTC, worth around $7.5 billion dollars (USD).

Gavin Andresen impliedly refuted the claims via twitter:

My opinion of the accuracy of stylometry dropped significantly after reading this

— Gavin Andresen (@gavinandresen) June 1, 2018

There have been many occurrences of Nakamoto’s “unmasking”. One such example occurred in May last year when Australian Entrepreneur Craig Wright revealed himself to be the mysterious inventor. However, there has not been any conclusive evidence to corroborate his claims.

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