Open Source Project Particl Partners with Changelly

By June 24, 2018 Bitcoin Business
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Private Marketplace Partners With Instant Cryptoexchange

Particl, an initiative working on constructing privacy-focused Dapps, has partnered with the crypto exchange Changelly.

Ryno Mathee – Lead Developer, Particl commented

“I am excited about our partnership with Changelly. They provide a much-needed service, and this opens up many opportunities for Particl.”

Changelly To Bring Particl In Front Of 2 Million Customers

Changelly is a popular instant crypto exchange, online since 2015. Since launch, the service has grown to support over 100 coins, with an instant exchange API used by partners like Coinomi, Coinpayments, Jaxx, and Breadwallet to name a few.

The platform will also act as a mediator between other partners like Binance and Bittrex to help facilitate the introduction of new exchange options made possible with Particl. At this time, the service caters over 2 million registered customers globally and processes 15,000 transactions daily.

Particl will be able to position their offerings in front of a wide audience, which has shown rising interest in enhanced privacy online, given the rise in popularity of privacy-focused altcoins in the market.

Partnership Details

The partnership will combine the strengths of both companies, streamlining the checkout process on Particl. The coins and tokens supported by Changelly will now also have instant access to all products sold via the marketplace.

Consensus 2018 provided the perfect opportunity for the two companies to meet, getting more users and more tokens to shop within Particl’s private marketplace. During the conference, the two discussed eCommerce check-out solutions, shopping online with crypto, and enabling more coin users to shop privately.

Konstantin Gladych, CEO & Co-Founder, Changelly stated

“Changelly is pleased to have Particl as a partner. Working together, we can implement an all-in-one approach to interaction between cryptocurrencies and provide the smoothest user experience possible.”

Particl’s private shopping platform is currently in the testnet stage, and only Particl’s native coin PART is being accepted as a payment method. As the project further develops, acceptance for other coins such as BTC, LTC, and ETH will become available. Particl’s end goal is to build a private eCommerce solution that all cryptocurrency users regardless of token will be able to benefit from.

The private platform is less than a year old, yet already offers a variety of native tools to facilitate private transactions. This includes Confidential Transactions, Ring Confidential Transactions, and PoS Cold Staking, all technologies to help mask one’s identity online.

Partcil’s technologies offer other benefits as well. Cold staking, for example, is quantum resistant and allows users to stake offline coins. The codebase Particl runs on is based on Bitcoin’s and is always updated to the latest version.

This allows easy compatibility and integration with any existing or future offerings by Bitcoin or any projects built upon Bitcoin.

To learn more about Particl, visit their website. Users can also talk to the community and other team members through Discord. Particl also has a Telegram channel, for users that already have existing accounts. Particl can also be contacted via Riot.

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